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Staff Trainings You Should be Doing in Your Business


Maripili Menchaca


August 15, 2019

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We love to talk about team building. It is one of the things that took our business from a wife and husband combo to what it is today: a team of over 15 people!  We're able to get a lot more done and our processes run smoothly.

Now that we’re talking about staff and teamwork, let me ask you this: 

What is the current status of your staff members?

We traveled around the U.S and Canada to learn more about each of the businesses we work with, and we noticed a trend. Our most successful clients appreciated the efforts of their team and took special care to ensure that they felt like an important part of the medspa. 

With that in mind, I want to talk about the staff trainings you should be doing within your medical spa. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of educating your staff about these topics: 

  • Your company story.
  • Your uniqueness and value.
  • Your competitors.
  • Your services.
  • Your offers and specials.
  • Your ideal audience.
  • Your quarterly goals for the staff.

During our visits, we were available to see how our clients operated in conjunction with their teams to produce optimal results. We also got a firsthand look at the best protocol and processes medspa owners use  to encourage  incoming leads to book appointments and walk into consultations. It turned out that the clients who had the best results with our ad campaigns were doing some amazing team building behind-the-scenes. 

Based on this, and on the training and team building exercises we have conducted within our own business, let’s discuss the most important staff training you should be doing with your team. 

Your company story

Every staff member, especially those who interact closely with your ideal patients, should know your company's history. They should know your values and how you got to where you are today. 

What does your name mean? How did you even get the idea to start this business? Why are you so passionate about what you do? 

Your staff members should know that story. As we've mentioned previously, storytelling is an excellent tool for your brand.  If you just started your medspa, it's important to build up your business narrative

Your uniqueness and value

Your staff should be able to explain to your customers what makes your business unique. Mak sure your staff knows the answer to these questions: 

What makes you so different from your competitors?

What secret sauce are you bringing to the table? 

Why should your ideal customer come to you and not your competitor? 

They should know these answers by heart, or leave post-it notes with talking points near their work stations in case they forget. 

Tip: one of our clients left post-its and little notes about the uniqueness of their medspa in the staff bathroom (i.e. “We come up with an individualized treatment plan for every single client.”) . It actually made the space look really cute and colorful! Plus, it’s an opportunity for the staff to refresh their memory about things to say to clients.  

Your competitors

Your staff should know who your competitors are, and use that knowledge to their advantage. For this strategy to work, they should know them well enough to be able to draw comparisons between the two of you.

What is the competition doing? What services do you have in common? How are you competing with them? Are you competing for the same ideal clients? What is the difference between their offer and yours?

Go back to the question about your unique value. Your staff knowing who your competitors are might give you that extra edge you need inside your consultation. 

Make sure whenever you have a consultation, your staff knows how to handle this competitive advantage. "Sure, you can go to so-and-so down the street and get the same treatment, but let me tell you why we're different and why we’re a better fit for you." 

Your services

This one might seem very obvious, but there is no harm in highlighting this fact: your staff should know all of your services. They need to know what you offer, and be able to explain the basics of how the service works and what it can do. This knowledge should be updated regularly as you obtain new devices and aesthetic technologies. Even if they can’t get into the technical nitty-gritty about every single step of a treatment process, they should know enough about the service to explain it to clients. As the front-facing part of the company, it’s important that your staff are trusted by the clients to have answers to their problems. 

Your offers and specials 

To maximize your revenue, it's important to let your team know whenever you have a new special offer. We've encountered situations where the medspa owner hires us to create an offer for online advertisements, but then they don't communicate it to their staff members. 

This looks really bad during consultations. Usually in a situation like the one described above, the client will have more information than the staff member because the client came across the online ad. It makes us look bad, and it makes the business look bad, too. It is imperative to communicate with the staff clearly and consistently. 

It's important that they are educated about the offer so they can explain it to your clients, especially when the offer changes every month. 

Pro-tip: Make it clear that sales is part of every staff member’s job. They have to know the important information to help the clients understand your services, promotions, specials, and membership options (if you have them). 

Your ideal audience 

Your staff should understand your ideal audience. 

We recommend training your staff to recognize your ideal client and how to approach that person in order to ensure that they become a loyal, returning customer. 

Your staff members should also know your customer's FAQs. 

What are those frequently asked questions? I'm not just talking about questions like, “When are you open?” Or, “What are your hours?” Instead, I’m talking about FAQs like, “What treatment is the best for skin laxity?” Or, “What do you recommend for body contouring?” If your staff understands the customer and anticipates their FAQs, the consultation will be quicker and more effective, and you’ll keep the customer happy. 

Your quarterly goals for the staff

Last but not least, your staff should know what benchmarks you expect them to reach on a quarterly basis. 

For example, maybe you have a specific service that hasn’t been selling well this month, and your goal for the staff is to sell X number of treatments. Conversely, perhaps you just bought a new, popular machine, and you hope to double the amount of treatments you are currently performing. You should communicate these goals clearly to your staff members. That way, they can be as productive as possible during consultations in an effort to meet the target. 

Whew! I know that was a lot, but it can all be combined into one big training that you do at least once a quarter, or it can be divided into bite-sized chunks you can do on a weekly basis. If they truly love what they do and love working with you, they will definitely like this type of training and feel more goodwill toward your business. 

If you have any other questions about how or what kind of training you should do, make sure to reach out over social media and keep following us. I'll see you in the next episode!



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