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[PODCAST] Episode 36: Strategies to Make Your Event a Success


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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During June, we helped one of our clients based in Canada with a CoolSculpting event. It was a remarkable success! The event lasted four days of focusing on high attendance and high consult ratio. With the proper marketing implemented, the final count was 51 consults & 27 new clients, in dollars that means $118,000! IN less than a WEEK.

You know we are hardcore believers of strategies and detailed planning as the cornerstone of success. That's why today we are talking about the things you should be doing to PROMOTE your event; most specifically Strategies To Make Your Event a Success. Once again, we are speaking from previous experience, stating only the most profitable and practical strategies we've polished over time.  Take it from us, building your event is a fun and efficient practice to reach your audience and generate revenue.

First things first: What does success look like for you?

It's crucial to have a clear mind about what you want to achieve. Make sure to take a moment to set up your goals for your event. This way there will be a way to measure your success. Is it a certain number of consultations? Or you are visualizing a particular amount of money? Based on your experience and where your business is at, the results that showcase a success will vary. Focusing on specific goals-visits, consults, revenue- will give structure to your event and to your strategy. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you might want to start comparing results. This way, you'll be able to keep track of your time and money investment, figure out what worked and polish details for the next events.

Target your ideal clients.

Each place has its own particular culture. Most likely, you'll have to crack down your audience itself. What do they like? What do they appreciate? What do they want to know? Based on this information, you can implement strategies and tactics to get to that specific segment of high quality leads that you want in your event.

How can you make it as appealing as Hugh Jackman, you ask?

You don't want "no-shows," you want to know your guests will be there. Here we are talking about your event appeal and how you'll convince your leads they can't miss it.

At the end of the day, you are asking people to drive to your location after their daily chores, their work, find a bysitter, etc. You have to give them an excellent reason to take that 20+ minutes to go out of their way, leave their family behind, and get to your event. What could be the perfect incentive to get your audience to do that? We have four strong elements we love using as a foundation for MedSpa events. Maybe you can't get all four of them at the same time, but according to your event-specific needs, you should keep these in mind.

For starters, you want an irresistible offer. Something your targeted market can't miss, make sure your attendees feel their time is well invested! Bring up "today-only" promotions exclusively to people who attend your event. Make sure to state they can get the service during the year, but the special pricing is available ONLY for appointments bought on the event date. Don't forget to make the booking process as smooth as possible for your clients!

You want them to lock in the particular promotion, whether paying in full or making a deposit, this will also make your customers feel committed and respected. You should previously educate your guests about your services and prices, so when talking about a deposit, it won't take them by surprise.

Add a raffle! If you already did this before, you know people love the possibility of getting a juicy prize! You want to give something away related to what you are promoting at the moment,  a free cycle, or your newest skin product. Something glamorous to do is purchase a branded, high-end purse, and fill it with the skincare product. This way, you are targeting a general public while tying up your particular products.

You could also give away gift cards for your attendees, a coupon, or a small skin care product. You'll give a good impression as a host, and your company will remain relevant in their minds. Being sure you'll get something just for showing up is a significant first step.

Pro tip: When giving away discounts and coupons for future services, you are making sure your guest will come back to exchange the promo!

And last but not least, pay attention to details. You want to have good music, drinks & refreshments. Host a party your business VIP stars will never forget! You want them to tell their friends and come back soon. Don't forget to get your staff ready; they are always an essential element for a successful experience when orchestrating an event. Make sure to pump them up to feel their best to welcome attendees and book consultations!

Pro tip: For your existing customers, make sure you and your team direct them by their name. It creates a fantastic feeling and makes customers feel valuable!

Ready, set, go! Set timelines.

You want to be ready for your event, four weeks in advance. From your goals to the agenda for each day, the gifts and the raffle, you must be good to go with anticipation. This way, you can focus on promoting your event, maybe asking for a spot in a CoolSculpting brand letter. You want people to start considering you at least three weeks before the event's date. You'll be giving time to organize their agenda, and save the date for the event of the year!

Now that we told you all about strategy, don't miss our next podcast where we'll share with you our tips & tricks regarding tactics. PLUS, you can download our event strategy document! It is the same file we give our clients to take the first steps to a successful campaign +PLUS a checklist of everything you need to promote! We want to provide you with an unfair advantage over the competition! 

Event Success Downloadable


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