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Episode 61: How to Stand Out from the Competition


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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The competition has grown more fierce during these last years, and I'm sure every medspa owner has noticed. One of the most critical things you need to think about as you grow your medspa is how to make your business stand out from the crowd. In a marketplace where being different means a better chance of growing your revenue, having a unique point of difference is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Today, more than ever, you want to make sure you stand out from the competition – and here we want to tell you HOW.

Today's episode is all about what you need to know and implement inside your business to get a formidable competitive advantage!

From keeping up with trends, to creating your very own secret sauce to spice your tailored customer journey, we know all the secrets you need to stand out from your competitors! With no further ado. Let’s dive into today’s topic.

Find your business’s unique point of difference

Finding your unique point of difference will help you equip your medspa with a strong value proposition that instantly sets you apart from competitors that aren’t quite so clued up with their marketing.

What is a value proposition?

Your value proposition tells customers at a glance what you do, and how you’re different (and better) than similar companies in your space. It might not be the actual features of your product that set you apart, but the way you deliver your service or disrupt a traditional method

Step up your game: price & offer.

There is no point in being the second cheapest. There's nothing wrong with setting yourself apart from the competition relying on competitive prices and offers. But if this is your goal, you must commit to remaining the UNDOUBTEDLY best affordable (and trusty) service in the area. 

On the flip side, you might want to set yourself apart because of your value. 

Value selling is a sales technique that leverages customer anticipation of enjoying the benefits of the service or item for a sale. With this approach, the sales conversation focuses on how the buyer’s life will be improved with the asset at hand, rather than the actual features and hard facts related to the product. Read more about this sales approach in our blog: Defining Your Value for an easier sell.

In a nutshell, when opting for value instead of price, you are committing yourself to deliver the most outstanding aesthetic experience, where you'll have to justify the rising of the competitive price with an UNFORGETTABLE experience. And by experience we mean the whole customer journey: from your Social Media & Branding to the comfort and luxury of your service.

Branding your secret sauce

What is your unique mechanism? 

How do you present yourself?

How do you bring people into your practice?

How do you treat them?

We are talking about YOUR unique process that customers will only find at your medspa. I mean, yes, everyone can buy a CoolSculpting machine, BUT ONLY YOU:

-Have your incredible [insert APPEALING name here,]  

Build a unique package with different services that might enhance the experience of your customer. For example, offer the "Ultimate Youth Restoration" package: botox + fillers to correct dynamic and static wrinkles and make you look like you travel back in time! Be creative and build attractive solutions in an intriguing way that will make your targeted audience reach back to you to find out more about your secret sauce. You know your audience better than anyone, so you'll recognize if they'd feel appealed to cool wording or fanciful vocabulary when choosing aesthetic services & products provider. 

-Send a confirmation SMS an hour before your appointment, where you ask your customers if they want coffee or tea (which will be hot and ready when they arrive).

-Listen to specific problems and offer optimal solutions to treat each one.

Overall, ask yourself this: what are you doing to create an experience your customer won’t want to miss out?

Position yourself as the aesthetic guru YOU know YOU are

Positioning yourself as a marketing authority sounds pretty neat, right? 

Lucky you, doing so is achievable with a solid strategy, time and effort. Start educating your audience with valuable information. Becoming the "go-to-person" of the aesthetic industry really goes down to staying updated and knowledgeable. You can do so by presenting clear information about technologies, processes, and results of the services you provide. 

You can create opportunities to demonstrate that you are a savvy aesthetic expert that provides reliable solutions using your Social Media! Create educational & engaging content to catch your target audience's attention! 

Don't forget this is a long term play, and you won't start seeing results in a day or a week... Maybe it'll take a month for your leads to come in, but if everything goes according to plan, they should be hot leads, ready to start the aesthetic journey you design for them during the consultation.

Pro tip: Be on the lookout for upgrades and improvements. The aesthetic field is continuously evolving, changing, and growing; therefore, you must keep the pace. You don't want to lose patients just because you want to stick to the reliable "good old days."

Our ultimate pro-tip? Find out more about Everable's Secret Sauce for success! The 7 figure format performs wonders for MedSpa entrepreneurs looking to get an unfair advantage over the competition! 

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