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Defining Your Value for an Easier Sell


Maripili Menchaca


August 15, 2019

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Have you ever met a patient for a consultation, and all they want to hear about is the price and nothing more? We have seen that happen way too often, which is why we want to suggest a different approach. Are you familiar with value-based selling? 

Value selling describes when customers buy your product or service because what you are selling provides a value that they wouldn't receive in the absence of that product or service. People don't buy products — they buy the results the product will give them.

Keep scrolling to find out more about:

  • What it means to sell a value
  • Why shifting your sales pitch to focus on the value of your offer is crucial 
  • Details to consider during a value sale

Let's dive in!

What does it mean to sell a value?

Value-based selling is an approach that will help you sell at higher prices while also delivering more value to your clients. 

Value selling is a technique that leverages the anticipated benefits of a purchase. With this approach, the sales pitch focuses on how your patient's life will change for the better after acquiring your services, rather than hard numbers or result statistics.

For example: instead of talking about CoolSculpting’s effectiveness percentage, talk about how CoolSculpting will help contour your patient's body to feel more comfortable in their clothes. 

Why is it crucial to shift your sales pitch to focus on the value of your offer?

The value selling approach puts your client front and center. It's a way to communicate not only what you do, but also what it's worth.

Medical Spa services are not cheap. Undergoing these kinds of treatments requires an investment in the service. And there is no better way to persuade your client to do so than to explain the benefits of visiting your MedSpa.

By definition, focusing on value has to be about your clients: value is defined by what a client wants versus what they're experiencing right now, and how you can help them achieve their desires. It's an approach that may not be as easily intuitive, but when done right, it allows you to charge higher prices while keeping your clients happy because they understand the value of the service. 

What details do I need to consider to execute a value sale?

Who will buy your product?

Let's create an ideal customer profile based on these questions:

What kind of person is most likely to buy my service?

Who would buy my service immediately?

Identify the usual customer “pain points,” or problem areas, and the beauty goals that you hear about most  often during your consultation. Think about how you can solve those concerns.

Pro-tip: Don't just imagine characters. Try to base your customer profile on real people that actually visit your practice. You may have to update your intel from time to time, but the results are worth it. 

What kind of problem does your customer have that you can solve?

If you have identified your ideal customer correctly, you are beginning to understand who is most likely to do business with you. 

Sometimes their problems are evident and clear. Sometimes they're not. But as long as you know what questions to ask to get the information you need, you should be able to find a solution, even if the potential customer ends up buying something different from what they initially wanted.

Develop a sales pitch oriented around solving the identified pain points.

Before you share the price of your service, it's time to emphasize the value of that service, and how it can help fix that person’s problems and lead to a better quality of life.  

Do your best to personalize your speech for that particular client, and it will be twice as effective!  



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