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How to craft a compelling and irresistible offer


Maripili Menchaca


August 15, 2019

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For your medspa’s marketing to be successful, you first have to create an irresistible offer. 

A great offer gives you a competitor’s advantage. Think about the things that make your business the best aesthetic services of your area. How are you superior to your competitors?

When I say an offer, I don't necessarily mean a special price or discount. You don't have to compete by price, because you are offering so much more: a full unforgettable experience. All your offer really needs is a value proposition, which specifies what makes your medspa’s product or service attractive, why a customer should purchase it, and how the value of the product or service is differentiated from similar offerings.

Creating an offer that makes people feel they are getting a great deal is easier said than done. But don’t worry — there are lots of guidelines and strategies that you can use to develop your own captivating offer. Here are 8 core elements that you can use to create a compelling offer of your own! 

The 8 Elements to a Great Offer 

One of the reasons why you really need to craft your offer is to have a competitor's advantage.

The Core Offer in the form of a discount, bundle or both

Nobody says no to a discount, but here’s a little tip: we've noticed that a bundle style of pricing works really well. Creating make-over bundles that mix up different technologies to achieve the best results to solve a customer’s issue is one of the best strategies in the market. Here’s an example:

  1. $900 OFF CoolSculpting
  2. $900 OFF CoolSculpting + FREE 20 Units of Botox
Financing / Payment Plans

Financing allows customers to make regular, affordable payments toward the cost of a big-ticket item, instead of paying the full price up front. Adding these options will probably increase their average sales transaction size. This can include:

  1. Financing Options
  2. Monthly Payment Plans
  3. Pay half now, and half later
Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment terms outline how, when, and by what method your customers or clients provide payment to your business. Payment terms are typically associated with invoice payments. They are an agreement that sets your expectations for payment. Here are a few ways to incorporate this:

  1. Don’t require a credit check 
  2. Offer 0% in-house financing
  3. $0 down payments 
Risk Reversal

Risk Reversal is a strategy that transfers some (or all) of the risk of a transaction from the buyer to the seller. The seller agrees to make things right in advance if the purchaser doesn't end up satisfied. This can come in the form of:

  1. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. A Lifetime Guarantee
Credentials / Experience / Proof

Your customers will likely want to make sure you are qualified to use the different technologies you’re offering. They want to feel secure in case there are complications that sometimes might occur with treatments. Fold this into the verbiage of your offer:

  1. Diamond CoolSculpting Provider
  2. “We have Y years of experience…” 
  3. “Z (number) of bodies transformed…” 
Urgency (time)

Urgency is a form of persuasion that works very well when combined with promotional offers. Use this one wisely — you don’t want to create a sense of anxiety, but you definitely want them to understand that they might lose a benefit

  1. “This month only…”
  2. “Limited time offer…”
Scarcity (quantity)

If you can create scarcity, you can reduce supply, which under the right circumstances can drive up demand. This tactic works by making customers believe that the item will not be available if they wait longer. This fear factor of losing out can be a powerful motivator!

  1. Offer only a certain number of vouchers
  2. “Only the first 20 patients…” 

When in doubt, throw in a few bonuses such as products, other treatments, or an additional discount. 

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free
  2. Buy X, get a free Y

Ready to build your own irresistible offer? Feel free to contact us on social media or give us a call to discuss your strategies — our experts are here to help! 



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