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10 Tips & Tricks to Handle the Phones for MedSpa Success


Maripili Menchaca


August 15, 2019

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You must know customer service is complicated -more of an art than a business-related task if you ask us.- You have a great responsibility for your shoulders, and sometimes that can be exhausting and stressful! And we don't want you to feel that way. We believe that with the proper tools and training can leverage those bad feelings, allowing you to become the next phone handler master.

After talking about the importance of standardizing and setting up guidelines for the front desk team, we created a guideline that you might find handy to keep printed at your desk!  Feel free to download and print it! -We suggest adding some color and personalize it.-

  1. Smile. There is a difference when you are making a personal sale speech, and over the phone where your voice is the only thing that represents you. The best way to sound energetic & positive is by keeping a smile on your face while you talk. 
  2. Strong greetings. Remember mentioning the name of the practice you represent!
  3. Answer as a professional business. You might ask for some personal information when taking calls. You want your customers to feel comfortable and sure you are an expert working at a legit clinic. You don't want to be confused by a scammer! 
  4. Ask questions & build rapport.  Use the call to profile your potential customer while making them feel like a VIP person for you! How is your day? What brings you here? Be creative, be likable.
  5. Clever wording. Be prepared to use some words to buy time and lookup for the information you need. 
  6. Don't stutter & avoid long pauses. Make sure the customer hears that you know what you are talking about, stay confident, and upgoing.
  7. Keep information about the services at hand. Try to keep keywords, princes, and FAQs at your desk for you to be able to answer as many inquiries as possible. Try to fit information in one or two sheets to help you out during your call. Prices, promotions, three benefits, or three features. Focus on the best possible information to share moving towards scheduling a consultation! 
  8. Be clear & concise. You want to transfer confidence and avoid extended, unrequited information. Remember you want customers to come for a consultation and learn more in-depth information.  
  9. Before asking for a Credit Card, explain your reasons. Make it clear to the customer that for saving space for a complimentary consultation or such, you need a Credit Card number. Let them know about the cancelation policies, when and what you would charge, and how the information is safe with you. 
  10.  Collect data. Make sure to get as much information about your potential customer as possible without being noisy. Name, phone number, email, and a perfect reason to call back! 

As you can see, you need to practice and craft your phone techniques! We know it's a hard job, but we believe that through regular training you can highlight what is going great, what not so much, and how to improve your front desk practices. 

And if you want to learn more about some of the best strategies of how to Handle the Phones for Optimal Success, check out our podcast, episode 41.

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