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Should You Be Advertising During Holiday Season?


Maripili Menchaca


July 26, 2017

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By now, you might have noticed that paid ads prices are INSANELY high. 

But hear this: Believe it or not, during the holiday shopping season, you should be spending a disproportionate amount of money on your advertising.

I know you might think this is a crazy idea, but read the following blog to find out more about:

  • Why you should promote your services during the holiday season
  • Elements to launch a powerful campaign during the holiday season.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Why should you promote your services during the holiday season?

See, what happens is that during the holiday shopping season you'll see a significant change on these numbers:

  • ad impressions
  • click-through rates 
  • direct traffic increases 
  • amount of leads
  • and conversion rates

In a nutshell, holiday marketing has the potential to drive sales. But be careful:  with the focus on seasonal sales it’s easy to forget that this is not the only benefit holiday marketing can bring. Holidays also offer other important opportunities for your business, such as:

  • New client acquisition
  • Building and elevating your relationship with existing customers
  • Humanizing your brand

A central element of holiday marketing campaigns is to aim to capitalize on shoppers looking to make seasonal purchases. 

Elements to launch a powerful campaign during the holiday season.

Ok, now that you know why making an investment during the holiday season is crucial, let’s talk about some key elements to take into account when building your holiday season campaign.

  1. Learn and prepare from past success. Analyzing your previous strategies and campaigns will help you build a profitable campaign while avoiding mistakes from the past. 
  1. Be specific about a certain product instead of just promoting your company in general. Make sure that you update these ads frequently so that they communicate your ever-changing promotions and deals.
  1. Post a countdown to increase urgency, i.e., “Only five days left to get a free CoolSculpting cycle”, use phrases such as “for a limited time only,” or “one-day sale.” 
  1. Be careful with your promos structure! There is a fine line between haphazard discounting or giveaways and creating a relationship with your customers. You don’t want to devalue your brand to the point where customers think it’s cheap. They might not be compelled to make a repeat purchase.
  1. The holidays are not a good time to experiment with a new approach for customers, especially if you’ve done thorough testing and discovery year-round to nail down the correct messaging.
  1. Send out promotional emails and texts. You should send emails  more frequently, they should be louder, and they should more strategically market your products and services.

Frequent shoppers should receive loyalty coupons and discounts, as well as more emails than the other customers. Let them in on brand “secrets” like special sales and exclusive deals to make them feel special. This will strengthen loyalty and increase sales among this group."

Pro-tip: Create a partnership with a non-profit! For many, this means giving back and doing good deeds. Consider partnering with a non-profit to get in the holiday spirit while sharing your brand mission with your customers. Partnerships are especially effective for promotional content. Sponsor a blog or piece of content on a website that your audience reads or figure out a website that someone on your team can write a guest post for.

And finally, once your sales are over don’t be tempted to put your feet up! Holiday promotions are great for attracting new customers but in order to reap the true benefits, retention is crucial. This means you need to show your new customers some love and persuade them to buy from you again. You could do this, for example, by offering them a percentage off their next purchase in the new year.

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