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Episode 57: Embracing the Downtime


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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And suddenly we are part of a post-apocalyptic movie with everyone quarantined and the economy shut down, only missing the zombies, huh? -we’re just kidding and being dramatic.- Ok, let’s take a step back and a deep controlled breath, the first rule for April is NOT PANICKING! Relax, and know that you are not alone in your entrepreneur journey, we’re all together -remotely- in this situation. Now that you are a bit more relaxed and we’ve got your attention, let’s get down to the best practices you should consider during down-time for you to transform the current problems at hand into opportunities to grow your business.

Change your mindset: embrace the “DOWN-TIME”

We know what you are thinking, with the doors closed, there will be no revenue coming in. What should I do? Before you start overthinking and stressing out, keep reading! If you haven’t read the ideas we shared with our community under our “Crisis Marketing Strategy” go there right now and download the free content we created for the current situation we are undergoing. Now, we encourage you to change your mindset from “waiting until the pandemic is done” to actually thinking about how we can make the best out of this down-time. 

The best way to increase your value in this downtime is by improving: improving your systems, improving your staff, improving your strategies... focus on ways you can tangibly improve and better yourself and your business.

  • Implement and perfection SOPs
  • Create educational content
  • Train your staff

Ever wanted a second chance on something? Maybe you have it! Think of this as the time before you opened your doors for the first time. Do you remember all the things you wanted to get done before you had people coming in? And how much have you learned since then? So, now that you have time for a do-over what will you do? Here are some of our tips to embrace this downtime, one day at a time. 

✅ Seek Community

Whenever seasons of unknown hit, it’s easy to feel alone, overwhelmed, and isolated. It’s important to find safe spaces to connect, vent, ask questions, and plan. Find an online community of other entrepreneurs to connect with, whether it’s forming a group with people you already know, joining our MedSpa Accelerator Facebook group of likeminded people, or creating a weekly connection through a Zoom (online video conferencing program) meeting with other medspa owners. Because right now, we need to stick together more than ever. 

✅ Stay Visible

It’s natural to want to shrink away when things get hard, but it’s so important you stay visible and lead conversations in your community. Continue to share, post content, let people in behind-the-scenes. Your presence online matters and will help fuel your business when things pick up again. Don’t shy away, but instead share how you’re finding perspective, offering service and assistance to others, or working through the challenges inevitable to come during this time. That vulnerability is the thing that will connect us all right now when things are unpredictable. 

✅ Update Everything

So many entrepreneurs are so busy doing the day-to-day. We get it, you are busy. Whether you are providing that main service that your business revolves around, doing consultations, or putting out fires, we know you rarely get to update all the other, less “important” things in your business that can be detrimental to your success. Use this quieter period of time to 

Update your website, your CRM, your contracts, your email templates, your copy... all the things. There are so many valuable places your time can go to prepare you for when things get busy again. 

✅ Build Workflows

A lot of times, we’re surviving on plans we’ve piecemealed together along the way. What if you created “SOPs” or standard operating procedures, aka simple workflows for you and your team to follow to execute and give each and every client and customer a great experience. 

We talked all about this in episode 42 of the MedSpa Accelerator Podcast, “The Ultimate Customer Journey”. 

Create templates, outlines and scripts for every phone call, text message, and email that is continuously sent out. Work on client experience: pricing guides, email templates, delivery methods to create streamlined and epic experiences for each and every client.

✅ Create Content

Publish content that will be helpful for your ideal clients in this season. What questions do they have? What are they googling? Create that and publish. Serve, serve, and serve some more. This is your moment to become a resource. How can you show up for a community that likely needs you right now?

✅ Set a Membership Structure

Do you already have memberships in your medspa? If you don’t this is a great time to sit down and come up with packages you can provide. Start by doing some quick research. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here, the best thing you can do is model another practice who is doing well, and adjust those plans on the services you do have available. 

✅ Staff Training 

Spend time with your staff online. Do all those training, retreats, and webinars you’ve been putting for when you “have time”.  At least getting everyone on a Zoom/video call and doing some company culture, would be very valuable to maintain everyone together during these tough times.

✅ Prepare for the future

While things are uncertain for the time being, they will likely pick up again, and when they do, you will likely get very busy. Many people will be needing your service in a short amount of time, so prepare for the flood gates to open by doing these things right now. Create the structure and systems necessary for you to be able to manage the workload for when it gets busy again. What can you prepare for the busy time?

We hope you are feeling better after we shed some light on the marketing strategies that we are implementing to keep our clients safe. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our social media to receive everything you need to not only overcome the epidemic but being ready to stand on top when the time comes! And if you haven’t already, make sure to join our Ultimate MedSpa Survival Course to see more in detail what you can do to Crisis-Proof your MedSpa.


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