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Episode 56: 3 Things to Have a Successful Advertising Campaign


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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Are you working with an advertising campaign and not getting the desired results? Let's talk about a little something we always discuss when on-boarding new clients to the Everable Success-Ship. Believe us, you want to implement these three critical elements to all of your advertising campaigns to get optimal results! 

1.New patients ON DEMAND: Set predictable & consistent ways to generate patient opportunities into your business.  

Yes, you read it right. You should -must- set your ads in such a way that whenever you start a new campaign, you KNOW what is coming next. You know, like when opening a water hose, you expect water to come out. What we use and recommend is to dive into the world of digital marketing through the big three: Facebook, Instagram & Google. These platforms will be where you want to spend your time & invest your money to reach your ideal clients and build a relationship with them. 

Before hitting the "promote" button, make sure you know your ad type

Let's say you are about to start an ad campaign for a Botox special pricing promo. Most likely, your target market already knows what Botox is and how it works; you could skip the educational information and still get an excellent amount of bookings. However, if you are about to advertise a not-so-well known service, like Hormone Therapy, and hope to get as good results as you did with the Botox campaign, it might not happen. Here comes the tricky part. The aesthetics field is full of new & specific technologies all the time. No matter how much into this field is your ideal client, there's always going to be unclear information where you'll have to position yourself as the professional and educate them before implementing your Call to Action. Social Media is a wonderful platform where you can create content -articles, videos, stories, live transmissions- to share your knowledge as the professional aesthetic guru you are!

Pro-tip: Work with marketing professionals! They will make sure to get all the technical sorted out for you to fill your agenda with potential new patients for your practice. 

2. Set a systematic approach to convert leads into booked consultations.

If you are not getting your leads through your door and into booked appointments, it makes no sense to work so hard in advertising campaigns. You'd be just wasting money, and we don't think that's your ultimate goal, right? A follow-up process is essential to make sure your lead books a consultation. This process must be systematic so that you and your staff can communicate properly and know where in the customer journey each person is at and what you need to do. 

So, if you are wondering how you can create an operational procedure that works after getting a lead, we want to show you the perfect next step. Download now PatientGem for a two-week free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to follow your leads and make them blossom into beautiful new patients. 

Pro-tip: We'll never get tired of reminding you that automating your interactions & key touchpoints with your leads can do wonders for you. E-mails, SMS, bookings, everything you need to build a bridge of communication with your future patient while sipping a glass of wine from your favorite couch.

3. A solid sales & consultation process

Keep this reminder on top of your mind: Marketing and sales is a 50/50 effort. You need to implement both to close deals and start getting money. If you have a wonderful marketing strategy, a great front-desk making sure your leads convert in bookings, but in the end, you miss your shot during the final selling process, it'll be all for nothing. You need to have a proven consultation process where you close the deal to start seeing the results you want.

How could you know you have a proven consultation process, you ask? Categorize your leads, knowing where they come from -Facebook, Google, event advertisement, personal reference- states a different profile for each case. Are you dealing with a hot lead ready for the services you offer in your practice? Or are you in front of a cold lead, someone who just happened to be curious about what you do and somehow ended up booking a consultation? 

Pro-tip: There is not such a thing as a "bad lead," but you'll face people in very different stages of their aesthetic journey and you have to be ready for various scenarios! Learn how to speak to the different personas that might come by your consultation room.

All in all, our best recommendation is to be aware of every step of your marketing and sales funnel. It is here where you can see where it’s excelling and its deficits. Where are your leads getting stuck? Is it from the very beginning, in your booked appointments or in your consultation? Stop shooting in the dark. Being oblivious of the problem you want to address, will only wear you out without giving you reliable and measurable results. 

Need further help with your MedSpa? We are a consulting company which ‘just so’ happens to be very, incredibly gifted with marketing, and we love watching entrepreneurs thrive! Make sure to follow our social media and send us questions to help you sort out how to take your practice to the next level! 


This episode is being sponsored by PatientGem. Visit to get a FREE 2-Week Trial.


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