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[PODCAST] Episode 49: Are You Using These Hacks for Selling?


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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We are wrapping up 2019 giving you all the tools you need to welcome 2020 stronger than ever. So, in this episode, we're going to walk you through this guide of hacks you can use to improve marketing & your sales for your Medical Spa to grow and give you the results you want. 

Starting with the correct mindset. 

Let's think about how we view sales. What comes to your mind when you think about selling? As a society, we think about "sales" as something negative, like a nagging guy trying to give you something that you don't need. Keep in mind that for your business, whoever is doing the consultations is also in charge of closing sales. This is the main way to produce the results you need for your business to be successful. 

First of all, don't see yourself as a salesman. You're not! You are providing a solution to a specific problem! During a consultation, you are CONSULTING the best solution you have to help a person solve a problem that troubles them. You are not focusing on the money but the person in front of you. Think about the value you are going to give to them. And what that in turn will do for them at a bigger scale. For instance, you need to understand that you're not selling widgets, but a service that may change people’s lives for the better. 

Pro tip: Don't think about your service as "commodities." You have a moral obligation to give your clients the guidance they need to transform their lives in the best possible way. To achieve their goals, you should never allow them to buy less than they need. You can sell them more than they need to exceed their expectations and get loyal customers satisfied with the results they got. 

Universal tactics to keep in mind.

Now that we are thinking outside the preset box of what a sale means in the aesthetic field, let us share with you some of the most reliable tactics within the sales industry. Find a way to apply these principles to your practice and make them your own! 

Yes, the right type of questions do exist. -And they’ll change your whole game.-

As an aesthetic professional, you have the ability -and duty- to evaluate the patients that walk through your MedSpa door. You might bump into people that go into your practice looking for a specific service, but maybe you’ll have to educate them about the available technologies in the market that would do the trick they need to fix the issue your client is facing.

Pro tip: People need to feel understood! Make it clear to your customer that you heard, understood, and care about the problem at hand. This way, you’ll be able to offer the appropriate solution to a patient, confidently. Use this space to build rapport and create a healthy relationship with your client! 

Check out this list of questions that will help your patients spill the beans about who they are, and what they are looking for:

  • What motivated you to come in today?
  • Is there a specific reason why you're looking into this now?
  • -This one is a question you should tailor according to your business. Make your customers dream about the future!- Name 3 things that need to happen, or what you would want to happen, so that in a year from now.. you can tell me "this was the best year of my life".
  • Is there a specific reason why you were looking into this service instead of something similar?

You already have some information about your customer and you designed a specific offer -you already explained why & how- that works as THE solution your patient is looking for according to the answers provided. You can keep building a relationship with your customer by adding these to your arsenal: 

  • How do you think this service can help you get the results you're looking for?
  • Do you see how this could help you get the results you're looking for?

Pro tip: With these couple of questions, you can find out if your client REALLY understood how the services work and what results they can expect. This space will help you clarify any doubts while avoiding misunderstandings that could potentially make your patients create false expectations.

“What do you mean?” is your worst enemy: Dropping the jargon

Confusion kills everything: Confused people won't pay for something they don't fully understand. Instead of using technical terms, we suggest you try the following resources: 

  • Use metaphors, similes, analogies.
  • Use case studies as engaging stories.

Don’t just sell a service. Sale your brand’s value.

Aesthetic marketing is extensive and has a long list of brands, and you want to be the leader to avoid losing customers to other practices. You have to give your potential customers a reason why they should choose you over the competition. 

Pro tip: Brag just enough about what makes you different -better- than the other offers in the market. A great way to achieve this is with testimonials and case studies! There's nothing better than letting the bragging in someone else's hands. 

Keep calm & show prices at the optimal time.

After you make sure your patient knows the money they are about to use is an investment and not just a random purchase, you are ready to start stating numbers. Before we start listing our strategic tactics, check out this "Psychological pricing statement:"

Psychological pricing (also price ending, charm pricing) is a pricing and marketing strategy based on the theory that certain prices have a psychological impact. Retail prices are often expressed as "odd prices": a little less than a round number, e.g. $19.99 or £2.98. There is evidence that consumers tend to perceive "odd prices" as being lower than they actually are, tending to round to the next lowest monetary unit.[1] Thus, prices such as $1.99 are associated with spending $1 rather than $2. The theory that drives this is that lower pricing such as this institutes greater demand than if consumers were perfectly rational.

Using Psychological Pricing to your advantage goes a really long way when closing a sale! 

Here are some psychological pricing strategies that you might want to try out during your consultations:

  • Selling them on the future
  • Time Spent vs. Money Saved
  • Limited Time Offers
  • One-Time Offers
  • Ask for a deposit to lock-in savings
  • 24 hours to cancel - lifts the barrier 
  • Their heart is convinced but you need to give them logic.
  • Risk Reversals
  • Reducing Pain Points
  • Sell the transformation 
  • Evaluate how much they get out of it
  • Having financing
  • Emotional vs. Tactical vs. Rational

Pro tip: Offering three different packages to make a wise purchase decision will make your customer feel truly comfortable with themselves.

So, what do you think about these tactics? Listen to the entire episode to get all the details. Use the new year drive to start implementing some of these in your practice! If you have further and more specific questions do not hesitate to contact us through our website or social media. We are always ready and willing to help aesthetic professionals thrive & exceed their expectations! 


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