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[PODCAST] Episode 48: How We Made $118,100 in CoolSculpting in 4 Days


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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We always talk about best practices to implement on your business, but today we want to share with you a case study to see for yourself what smart marketing can do for you. We implemented the "How we market events" strategy for one of our clients back in June 2019. The results? Fifty-one consultations, and 27 closed sales that turned into $118,100 in CoolSculpting in ONLY FOUR days! And this is just one of many examples of successful campaigns executed with our clients. Let's talk about the details and walk you through the process for you to boost your future events! 

Before we start, we would like to remark on the importance of PatientGem to achieve these outstanding results. We invite you to check out our new article about how PatientGem can do wonders for you and your practice.

Long ago, in a faraway land, there was a CoolWeek event…

Our client, based in Canada, had an existing list of 30,000 people. We promoted this event, but only for a tailored existing audience. We invited this audience to a party! Four days, from Wednesday to Sunday, with highlighted events on Tuesday & Friday. We made a list of perks & goodies to catch the clients' eye -from limited vouchers in CoolSculpting promos, to live demos and educational information, and unique gifts if the attendant purchased a treatment.- 

Two weeks before the event date, we sent them emails, text messages, and shouted all about our special event in Social Media. In a nutshell, we exploited all the available channels to build awareness, and let all our potential customers know why they couldn't miss THE event of the year! We created a landing page and encouraged customers to RSVP. Believe us, after all the COOL things we shared through our different platforms, this step was smooth.

Our goal was to get RSVPs for the special events, and we went as far as to send a text message the day before the event to remind customers about the special date. But more in-depth than the music & snacks, we wanted to generate private consultations -that one-on-one moment for closing a deal is the sweet spot-.

Let's now highlight the critical practices & actions performed during this grand event. 

Prep time: Nurture & enrich your targeted market. 

The finer the target, the most likely to close a sale. 

Maybe you already do this, but if you aren't, go straight to your database and divide your contacts into similar keen interests. This practice gave us what we needed to stay ahead since customers already were interested in what we had to say. 

Early birds get the most out of events. 

We started promoting the event two weeks in advance! Make sure to start building awareness and expectations among your audience with enough time to get good momentum.

Make the event more than worthwhile. Make it unmissable. 

Give your guests the VIP treatment they want. Create a structure that has value even outside the main events. Small details like a glass of wine can make a difference between a so-so event to an unforgettable party. Add as many valuable experiences to your event! From live demos & private consultations to gift boxes and raffles, make sure people will look forward to coming in to your event!

Pro tip: You can add a sense of urgency talking about limited spots or vouchers, this way people won't leave for tomorrow when they can RSVP today.

Take one step further: Grand prize for those who BUY.

You already got people to come to your event, but what you desire the most is to complete CoolSculpting treatment sales, your guests are already on the lane to do this! You just need to give them a good reason to say I DO. A raffle with a grand prize -maybe a high-end product like a purse or sun glasses- might result into more closed sales for your business!

Just one day? Spread the love!

A one-day event might not be the best option for a MedSpa. We've noticed that extended events are more impactful. You are opening up more opportunities to get a private consultation with you and get the amazing perks you are promoting during your event. Give your audience a chance to be part of your celebrations!

Let's get down to business: how do I get my outstanding event to reach my desired audience? 

Write down: series of emails, series of text-messages, landing pages & social media posts. This is it, this is what you need. The only thing you have to do is implement these channels smartly.

For E-mail.

Here, you want to add content with information your client wants to know. About the service, details of your event, why should they attend. In this case, we sent 5 emails in total with an amazing open rate (40-48%) and 2% click thru rate. This results are related to the fact that the emails were sent to a curated list of prospects with affinity to CoolSculpting. 

Pro tip: Be careful when designing your subject line. You want to catch your clients' attention, but overall, you want to avoid ending up as spam. Make sure to test your subject lines in a proper tool that validates that you will not be considered as spam!

HACKS for a superb email practice!

  • Super COOL before and after photos
  • Straight to the point: why they should they come to the event? We also had 10 reasons why they should choose this particular practice and highlighted the important things.
  • We had testimonials from real patients including the ages of each patient, making the potential customers feel more related to each case.
  • We implemented a call to action to go to the landing page & RSVP today.
For text messaging.

Texting is less saturated than email, we use this channel to stay at top of mind of our customers with a personalized sequence of messages. This space is wonderful to keep reminding the benefits and strong call to action! 

After RSVP is done, a follow up text messages sequence triggers to get them to schedule a private consultation. In this case, our sequence consisted of 5 messages encouraging customers to book a private consultation during the CoolWeek event.

Pro tip: Don't forget to automate a "reminder message" a day before the event! You don't want to lose valuable prospects after all your hard work.

For landing pages.

Keep it strong, reminding people the reasons why they can't afford missing to RSVP to your event! Don't forget to add a Call to Action for your visitors to book today instead of tomorrow. For this case we offered a "get a $50 gift card", which worked really well. Use this space to motivate people to schedule the private consultation and state all the details they'll need to know before going into your event. We even created a thank you page with the map so our clients wouldn't have a hard time arriving to the party! 

Pro tip: Add the option to invite a friend! You can grow your audience with just a couple extra clicks!

For Social Media Posts.

Yep, all the reasons why once again. Here you'll do your best to get your audience pumped & excited about the event. Tease your audience during the days prior to your event. Little by little we shared what they could expect & even educational information about what CoolSuculpting is. We used to our advantage the before & after photos, reviews from previous customers, and we even used a picture of the doctor getting CoolSculpting! Which broke our analytics completely. 

Pro tip: Do not underestimate using pictures or videos of yourself & your team! People want to connect with people. Make them feel affinity for you! To boost this event we used a video of the doctor and the results were outstanding. 

Are you ready to make your event the best one yet? Watch or listen to the entire episode to get more of the details! Or call us today to see how Everable can help you make your event a profitable one!


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