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[PODCAST] Episode 46: MedSpa Marketing Strategies to Slay the Holiday Season


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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Can you smell it? Turkey, spice, and everything nice. All this can only mean one thing: the Holiday season is here! And as such, you have to start planning big to make the most out of these merry days! 

In this podcast episode, we want to help you get ready to capitalize on your business and grow your revenue during the holiday season! Let's dive into the tools and strategies we know and use to deliver fantastic results. 

The right timing for crushing Holiday Season? What about now. 

If you start nurturing your relationship with your clients from the third quarter of the year, your approach will feel organic when you begin offering deals for Black Friday or Christmas. Do your best to capitalize on the "spending money season" mindset. It doesn't matter if it is for someone who wants to get nice and shiny for the family pictures, or a loving person who’s looking for the perfect gift: You want some of those bucks to come your way and to expand your business’ clientele and branding.

Do you have a plan, captain?

Planning with some extra time in your pocket goes a long distance when talking about successful marketing strategies. You should have every step figured out to take your client to become a loyal customer for years to come. Right now everybody is looking for specials, and you want to stand out from the crowd! You have to attach an emotion to your seasonal deals to become more than a just discount, but an experience they won’t want to miss.

Pro tip: Make sure to be creative for each Holiday campaign. Creativity is critical to winning mind share, and channel distribution to get sales. Think through how all channels work together, take a step back and walk through the customer journey and ensure everything works with no friction all the way: From the landing page to promo codes, until checkout with your staff, it must stay smooth for your customer. 

New things are nice and shiny, but take care of what you already have. 

We know getting new clients to grow your revenue, but believe us, you don't want to lose your existing customers! The beauty of the aesthetic field is that when you create a loyal customer, they are very likely to come back for a second round or for something new. You want that commitment on your side! 

Pro tip: Think about memberships or programs for your customers to come back for more! You already know they DO want to look fantastic during the holiday season, help them get there with benefits earned through loyalty. They are your VIPs.

Do you know your PERSONAS out there? Let's talk about customer behavior.

You know how to work with your base customers, but for these events, you'll have to take into consideration new profiles. For example, think about a husband who doesn't know what to give to his spouse, but he knows she wants a facial or some botox to get ready for Christmas Eve. For instance, you must prepare for early birds that get their gifts & surprises in advance as much as last-minute doers - come to the rescue with flash specials, last-minute promotions.- 

Are you a Facebook person, or an Instagrammer? Have all your channels.

Right now, you want to connect with your customers in every single available way! Don't be afraid of posting consistently, don't forget just a small percentage of your audience will see. Post a picture, then a video, a testimonial, and then another image. Build brand awareness and promote your specific specials using quality content related to the holiday season. 

Pro tip: remember your database? Well, it's time to make the most out of it! Design an email and send it to your existing customers offering your seasonal specials with a strong call to action.  Again, you don't want to spam them, but a few emails for Christmas Eve never hurt anybody. Combine this with automated text messaging, and you are sure to catch your customer's attention! 

Ho, ho, ho~ Implement in-store marketing.

You'll love this one! Surprise your customers by bringing Christmas to your MedSpa and make everyone who goes through your door know they found what they needed. Add cute & cheerful brochures or flyers promoting your holiday deals. 

Pro tip: Update your staff with all the information about seasonal campaigns. They must educate customers about the available deals and all the benefits they'll get. 

So, what's trending today?

As a business owner, you got to stay updated & ready to showcase as a trendy brand. But as you now, there is a lot of competition out there, and everyone will be getting prepared to throw the house out the window to catch the most sales possible. Don't stay behind! In fact, take one step closer to succeed by preparing yourself in advance. 

Keep calm & retarget your campaigns.  

During this season you should know to start a campaign is a little more expensive and the traffic is HEAVY. If you already build an audience in Social Media, retargeting your existing audience will give you outstanding results during this season. Leverage this affinity to your advantage and save some money!

It's time to outshine Santa Claus. Build some astonishing specials! 

Ours is a high-end product, that's a fact. A lot of MedSpas don't like to give a thousand specials; it doesn't look good, right? You want to stay classy & attractive. According to Mike Wittenstein, Founder & Managing Partner at StoryMiners, the formula to build successful promotions goes like this:

One idea + One benefit + An emotion behind it

For starters, you must know the function of the idea you convey. What is it going to do? What is the benefit? Now, think about the different emotions that come with your special. Is it happiness for a person who's buying the gift? Or is it satisfaction for someone who wants to pamper themselves?
Another question you can do yourself is: what worked in the past? If you already know what your market loves. Use this to your advantage! 

Pro tip: If you have a service or product that works excellent, attach a not so popular service to your promotion! You might catch new future sales for an underdog product.

We want you to make the most out of this merry season! So make sure to stay tuned to learn all the tips & tricks you need to turn your practice into a market leader! We are adding a list of some fun ideas that you can implement at your MedSpa! The best part of it, you'll enjoy it just as much as your customers! If you have any doubts or require further guidance, do not hesitate to contact us! Our social media is here for you.


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