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[PODCAST] Episode 42: The Ultimate Customer Journey


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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Do you have a set up for what's supposed to happen with recurrent scenarios with your clients? Take it from us, mapping out the patient journey in your business enhances your customer service. These practices are closely related to SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) & overall systemizing your business. Not only will they make it easier for you to grow, to train your staff; but also makes it easier to achieve your professional goals! Today we'll focus on one critical manual that you should map out as soon as possible: the ultimate customer journey for new clients. We'll break down the different stages of the process, and explain what we believe you should do in each step to keep moving your patient through the funnel. And ultimately get a new patient.

The seven steps for the "The ultimate customer journey!"

First things first: A new lead is born. Now get in touch with that lead.

Mark these words: you MUST follow up with your lead during the first 3 to 5 minutes to avoid losing your chances of establishing a relationship with your lead -business-wise talking, please don't blush.- Trust us on this one; you don't want to lose relevance in your potential customer's mind. Following up around 8 to 12 times is not harassment -as long as you do it smartly through phone calls, text messages, and emails- it is necessary. 

Pro tip: Set strategic hours to increase your chances of getting a positive response! Try to have ONE person dedicated full-time to follow up those calls and text messages to avoid missing leads or front desk misunderstandings! 

Time to schedule a consultation! 

Once that you reached your lead, you want to build rapport with that person. Establish your value proposition; let your customers know you are the best option for what they need. Use this phone call to make a pre-qualification! Ask about their concerns, learn about their questions, always leaving the best for the consultation to keep them interested.  

Pro tip: Establish incentives for consultations. Gift cards, free treatments or product, whatever your budget is available to indulge! 

It's so lovely to see you! We've been waiting for you! 

You want to schedule people three days out from the date they called you, if not sooner. The longer you take to program them, the most likely it'll be they'll lose interest! Use your lead’s excitement at your advantage. Try your best to influence the consultation! Even if your lead finds it difficult to meet up at the date you suggest, give them some options! 

Pro tip: Send a message with the date, time, and your location’s address! Do this as soon as you set up the consultation, a day before the arranged date, and finally an hour before the meeting. Make sure these messages use a very human-like language! End up with a question to build interactions with your customers!   

Get down to business: consultation. 

This step goes from how your front desk greets your customer to the consultation. You want to look more than nice. You want to roll out a red carpet! Keep building your relationship with your potential customer, build rapport, explain the technology, clear any concerns, make the value proposition, and close the deal -we do have an episode explaining this step in-depth, go ahead and check our in the link below!-    

Pro tip: When you present the price, you want to establish three options. You'll create the feeling of making a smart and responsible purchasing decision. Influence them to buy the most extensive package by adding bonuses and additional incentives! The risk-reverse technique -where you offer a refund or free treatments in case the initial treatment doesn't work- always does the trick! 

Do you like what we offer? Then take it! 

Congratulations! Your lead just purchased your service. 

Do your magic! It's treatment time.  

Let's stand for a moment in the marketing and sales spot now. You want to build social proof. You want to create the marketing content of these people being treated and excited. Take the video testimonials upfront! Let them share how joyful the experience with you is! 

Pro tip: Keep up the incentives! Do your best for your customers to come back for the before and after photos. While you're at it, you can use this space to promote your other services. Also, make sure to influence referrals! Give away some love -in the juicy form of discounts and gifts- and make sure your patients refer your services to their family and friends. 

In the end, this outline exists for the sole purpose of overcoming the expectations of your customer with an outstanding customer service. You're making sure they won't forget you and most likely come back. Keep in mind the best businesses in the world take the time to engineer each touchpoint with customers, making sure the sales funnel goes on smoothly. Remember, we are sharing with you what works for us! But feel free to take the information and adjust it to make it useful for yourself. Make sure to download our printable material and start implementing the best practices to skyrocket your business!

Download our Ultimate Customer Guide and customize yours TODAY!


Welcome everyone to the Med Spa Accelerator Podcast! Brought to you by CAS Clinical Consulting & Everable Marketing! We’re excited to bring this podcast to you where we’ll be discussing the latest hacks and best practices in marketing and running a profitable medspa.

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The Med Spa Accelerator Podcast.
Are you subscribed to our podcast? If you’re not, we want to encourage you to do that today. We don’t want you to miss an episode. 

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