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[PODCAST] Episode 38: 5 hacks to leverage the Instagram algorithm to your advantage.


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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After managing all the Social Media for our brand and our clients, we've come to learn some pretty neat stuff! Today we want to share with you a few hacks to leverage the Instagram algorithm to your advantage. Yes, that powerful-very visual-platform where millions of people navigate every day benchmarking products and services. We'll break down five tips for you to start taking advantage of this platform and close the breach between you and your potential clients. 

Let's start from the base, what's up with Instagram?

Instagram, like Facebook, was created to make interactions, to build relationships. Needless to say, the platforms want people to maintain their subscribers online, and saturating them with ads is not in their best interest. You must know these platforms keep growing and evolving to stay relevant to their users, and with this evolving process comes algorithm changes every so often. 

So...What is the algorithm? 

The algorithm rules how you show up in people's feed. If you take a look at your feed, you'll notice you only see a small percentage of the people you follow. Algorithm curates your feed, so you only see what is relevant to you. Even the ads that you see are only the ones that will result valuable for you. Knowing this information, we can state that 9 times out of 10, Instagram will prioritize personal content over marketing content. Due to this fact, we created a strategy that throws outstanding results every time we start working with our clients’ Social Media suite. It goes like this: 

The LIKE, KNOW & TRUST factor 

We do business with people. We want them to like our profile, know our service, and finally trust our brand. Engagement is what you reach for, meaning you must build an Instagram profile filled with engaging material that keeps your audience interested. 

Should I turn into a spammer of good content to succeed? 

Not necessarily.  If you don't post as often, but you are consistent with what you post, but we recommend three to five times a week, being five ideal. 

Now that we know the basics about what an algorithm stands for and how Instagram works, we can proceed and talk about the hacks without getting confused. 

1.Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Photos

Since you are diving into a very visual platform, creating great photos is essential. You don't need to be a professional, but avoiding dark pictures by using the proper lighting goes a long way. Take time to use bright colors that go along with your brand.

Pro tip: Remember what we said about a platform of people for people? Well, taking pictures of yourself, the staff, or any other where a person appears will ALWAYS boost your numbers to the top when it comes to interactions. Adding these pictures will result in Instagram leveraging the algorithm to your advantage. 

Knowing the hours where your audience is more engaged is vital when scheduling your future post and forget about them. If you have ten to twenty minutes to go through your feed when your customers are active, you should take the time to respond and interact with them. This is a perfect opportunity to build a relationship with your potential client!

Pro tip: If you do take the time to go through the stories and new pics and give a little like or comment, is more than likely they'll visit your profile.

2. "Just a quick swipe through the stories and I'll go back to work."

You've done it, us too. Even though stories do not influence in the Instagram algorithm, when you tease somebody with a story is more likely that they'll end up visiting your profile.

Pro tip: Knowing in advance, what you want to talk about in your weekly posts can help you get ideas for stories. For example, if you have a post for hydrafacial and you have an appointment for the same treatment that day, this is an excellent opportunity to create a teaser for your post. 

3. Lights, camera, action!: People love videos. 

Video makes things more personal. You can give a lot more information in a short amount of time. Little by little Instagram is adding this sort of material to its platform. Short videos like boomerangs will result in people spending more time at your post, and that is what you are looking for when talking about engagement. 

Pro tip: Think about reality shows and how popular they've become, or people on YouTube blogging their lives online. Be creative and do a behind the scenes material that attracts your customer attention! 

4. Look at those captions!

You need to craft compelling captions that match your picture. You need to find the perfect combination where you'll get a reaction. Remember, our goal is for people to look at your post for the longest time possible, so you can give it a shot and start writing appealing and valuable content. Keep in mind people would like to know more about you and your services. Write your story about your practice, about what makes you thrive. Reflect the core values of your business all over your Social Media content. 

Pro tip: you must have heard about the famous storytelling, this kind of writing encourages the reader to feel your story could be their story. Here you can be creative to find a way to get closer to your audience! Don’t be bashful an own your Social Media space! 

Pro tip: Hire a brilliant content writer or marketing agency to run this for you.

5. Interactions are everything. 

You want your audience to double tap, comment, ask questions, reach out somehow. End all your captions with a Call To Action (CTA). You can even create motivational quotes and posts for your followers to share on Instagram! Don't be afraid of playing a little with to create great posts for your brand. 

In the end, the important thing about it could be summarized in the importance of you being purposeful. Every time you post something must go beyond the need of posting something; you must have an intention. Be sure your audience clearly understands what you are coming in for, note this also will make the sales part easier.

Social Media management is a great tool to develop relationships with customers, thus, building bridges for more sales. Before coming into your practice, your customers already got some education about your services and your brand. Isn't it neat to know you'll get through your clinic door people absolutely ready to go? Your workload goes down just like that! 

If you have any further questions about our hacks, feel free to contact us in our group with a Direct Message or a post. Make sure to say tuned to our podcast and learn all about the best practices to boost your brand with an unfair advantage among the MedSpa field! 


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