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[PODCAST] Episode 37: Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using to Promote Your Event


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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We already set the foundation for a strong-built strategy for your event to be a success in episode 36 -if you haven't heard it, go check it out now!- Now it's time to talk about crucial tactics to achieve the pursued results. Buckle up and let's dive into this valuable information that'll help you get the revenue you desire. 

1 - You want to have a centralized hub to have all the details about your event. 

You want to have a specific platform where your clients access to RSVP. The platform -let it be Facebook, Eventbrite, or whichever you prefer- must have all the essential information and details about your event. During the three weeks prior to your event, your goal is to get as many RSVPs as possible. 

Pro tip: Build your mini-landing page! It gives you the most flexibility to control what people see in it, without any distractions. Maybe you want to add a video invitation where you explain the event details. Here you can manage the RSVP experience according to your style, and build commitment from your client!! The landing page also works as a great way to collect information about your clients -e-mail, phone number, profile-to feed your Client Relationship Management tool. Also, you can design your "thank you" page with specific call-to-action, like inviting a friend or booking a consultation for exclusive deals. 

2 - Leverage the all-might power of social media in your practice! 

With Social Media, you might not get the same direct response as with text messaging, or e-mails. But you'll build awareness; you'll stay on top of mind. You want your target market to start viewing your event, to consider attending to it. And if a graphic performs wonderfully, you'll love the numbers you'll get with a nicely done video. In a time-lapse as short as a minute, you can give all the information you want to share about your event. Insta-stories are a powerful tool that doesn't require as much production as a formal video. If you are short on time or don't want to invest extra money, go for it! 

Spread the word! Be creative, use graphics with your event name, the date, and schedules. Use fast and easy to process information about the biggest highlights of your events. In the captions, you can share more in-depth information about the event and essential details to RSVP, or description about the gift cards you'll give during the event, for example. 

We recommend doing a minimum of six Social Media posts. Starting three weeks in advance will give you space to educate your audience not only about the event but about the services you provide and your brand. For the first three obligatory Social Media posts, give out everything about the event: date, time and details, and the importance of going to your landing page to RSVP. Keep in mind adding a call to action to all your captions! Finally, add urgency factors, for example, a time-frame to RSVP or limited spaces available. 

Don't forget to say thank you! With this post, you'll get wonderful results for future events, think about it as a pre-event post instead of a closing statement. And here the importance of taking pictures of your event will pop-out! If you show something appealing to your target market, they'd likely join you for the next one. We know, it sounds like too many things to do. But you can assign the best photographer within your staff to take some neat shots to share on your Social Media and share the joy with your followers! Instagram is a friendly platform to share this sort of content. Once again, we invite you to be creative. You WANT the whole world to know how awesome your events are. You want your future and current clients to feel they can't miss the next one! 

High quality leads over new faces that won't result in booked consultations.

Want to know where we do advertisements to get people coming to your events? Well, for starters, we don't like advertising to a cold audience, we rather talk to clients with a substantial interest in your product. We want to keep your advertising focused on people who know about your practice when talking about events. Getting to someone who doesn't know you to drive to your clinic, and spends a couple of hours with you is complicated, at best. Who likes going to a party where they don’t know anyone? Lean towards framing your internal marketing to people who already know about you and your practice. The chances of them to attend are way higher, and that's what you are looking for!  

Pro tip: If you want to grow your audience, incentivize your customers to invite friends! Give them exclusive deals or gifts to motivate them! 


3 - The simple & effective things: e-mail

We use an email sequence to invite our customers, and that so far has turned great results. Three e-mails do wonders. Keep in mind e-mail is saturated as it is, so you want to take your time to send these emails within a reasonable amount of time. 

For starters, you want to send the invitation to your entire mail listing. When you learn more about your clients, you should segment your list into people interested in specific products and services. You'll notice the open and click rates go up.

Pro tip: Keeping track of all this information will make it more comfortable to design future promotional campaigns. 

Afterward, send reminders, keep on top of mind and make sure to add the urgency factor with each email. Adding some before & after photos work really well to convince people they want the service you are highlighting! Want to be one step closer to close the deal? Add testimonials! Hearing someone's positive experience with you yields outstanding results. 

Pro tip: Keep up the vibe with following emails after your event. Little promos for those who missed the action, or maybe a gift card for those who were in the front-line. Use the inertia of your event to get the most out of it! 

4 - Short, concise, appealing: text messages. 

We already talked about the importance of text message marketing. Not just for your event, but to lift your brand! Trust me. You want that automated 98% open rate on your side. 

We've talked with you about PatientGem many times before, but it really proves itself worth it with helping you with your event promotion! -without going crazy, that’s it- It manages your mail listing and all the valuable information you get from your customer's behavior. Don't forget about the two-week trial deal available NOW, why not use this powerful tool to boost your next event? 

Pro tip: Remember to enjoy yourself during the event is crucial to success. If your staff and your clients see you are happy and energetic, it'll reflect on their attitude as well. Make sure you are prepared to be the best version of yourself for the date!


PLUS, you can download our event strategy document! It is the same file we give our clients to take the first steps to a successful campaign +PLUS a checklist of everything you need to promote! We want to provide you with an unfair advantage over the competition! 


Welcome everyone to the Med Spa Accelerator Podcast! Brought to you by Cas Clinical Consulting & Everable Marketing! We’re excited to bring this podcast to you where we’ll be discussing the latest hacks and best practices in marketing and running a profitable medspa.

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