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[PODCAST] Episode 35: Best Practices when Using text messages in your MedSpa


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

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Have you considered text messaging as a marketing tool? Today's episode is exciting for us. We want to explain how to use text messaging as a powerful tool to boost your practice without investing lots of time nor a significant amount of effort. Let's cover the reasons why, the challenges involved, and what you can do according to the best practices that make SMS outstanding.

Why is SMS marketing so important?

First of all, let's state that we never recommend tactics that aren't functional; we know how valuable your time and money are! Keeping this in mind, let us tell you how to create text messaging campaigns directed to generate revenue. The best part of it? You don't have to invest any money on ads for SMS to give you results.

Maybe you are used to e-mails as the main way to let people know about your specials and promos. And depending on your list size and how nurtured it is, it works. But truth be told, the average open rate stands around 20% or less, meaning that not even half of your potential clients might not adequately receive the information you sent. As MedSpa Marketing Specialists, we highly recommend leveraging text messaging practice to your business. The open-rate is higher, standing at 98%, which means more engaged eyeballs in your message! 

Another key benefit of text-messages is convenience -nobody answers phones anymore! Even less if they are at the office or with someone else- and fast response. People are using their phone or tablet most of the time for social media. Your messages will open a communication way that invites to an easy, convenient and fast interaction. You ought to take advantage of the little attention span you'll get before your leads roll into something new.  

And what if we tell you that this is a marvelous bridge to build your relationship with your clients? Even if they don't show up, they keep in contact, allowing you to reschedule the appointment instead of just losing your potential client.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you manage text messaging, but let us tell you about the software we use with our clients to get them amazing results. PatientGem -our software designed to help MedSpas out with lead management-. This fantastic tool uses two-way text messaging to leads and existing patients. Based on our experience implementing this technology, we can tell you this:

After some of our clients that started to schedule appointments and follow up with leads through SMS messaging, they got to see a 60% increase in lead to appointment ratio. Isn't that great?

Now that you are convinced to use technology to your advantage let us break down the best practices you can apply for Text-Messaging campaigns.

Before you start, get your house in order and get ready to do things right! Let's talk about the set-up.

Get permission!

Nobody wants problems with the law. The number one thing most practices are afraid of is to become a subject for legal penalties, but with the right permissions, you should be safe and sound.

When someone wants to become your patient, they'll have to fill out and agree to get information through email, phone call, or text-message. Make sure your potential patient filled out their sign-in form agreeing to these before starting any interaction. If they are opting in with their phone number, you already have their permission. Don't forget to add a checkbox for this instance when people are filling out their initial patient information.

For your former patients, you should send a clear message informing about the new way of communication you are implementing, asking for permission to send the SMS. If they'd instead stop receiving your messages, give them an easy way to opt-out from the listing.

Train your staff to manage appropriately sensitive information, and when to switch from messaging to phone calls. Make it clear to your customers your priority is to protect them and their data.

Be clear about what your text messages will be about

Most of your clients know what kind of information they get from you, but take the time to ensure them what to expect. Be extremely clear and include disclaimers to reassure your customer's data is safe with you.

Don't forget to include an opt-out checkbox! Not only is it respecting the person's privacy, but a fast way to keep you listing clean. You don't want to invest e-mails and text-messages in someone who is not interested in your service anymore.

Finding the Right Tool for You

There are so many tools for marketing today! You should take your time and search the web for proper software for your particular needs.

No need to say it. You know we love PatientGem. This software designed, created, and continuously developed for MedSpas, is a powerful tool that helps your customer-care staff thrive.

PatientGem is ALL the best tools for the field in one.

  • Two-way texting
  • One login
  • One price
  • Notes section for your staff
  • Appointment reminders
  • Phone calls recorded
  • Customer Funneling
  • Tracking phone numbers
  • Marketing automation
  • Building up of recurring messages and business in your practice

And since you are here, we think it's in your best interest to check it out and take advantage of our two weeks free trial going on:

Now you are ready. Take note of the best SMS practices.

Text during normal day-light hours

Not only is it courteous to your clients, but it is also at the optimal time that your staff can be available to reply. Even if it is a couple of hours after the end of your shift, your team should be open and ready to respond up to 8 P.M.  Same goes for weekends. Remember, comfort, convenience, and availability to build up your advantage over other MedSpas.

We recommend using an automated tool that allows you to read and respond to messages on your mobile phone, to avoid attachment to your computer.

Pro tip: The optimal hours registered for us is between 5:30 to 8:00 P.M. But you definitely can and should try hours in between 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and find out what works best for you.

Always reply!

There's so much competition for your business nowadays. Being the first one to reply gives you a competitive advantage over the other two or three options of your customer benchmark! You are the one starting this conversation with them, so if they answer back, it is a best practice to always reply and doing it fast. Believe us; time is money!

Take the time; make an effort. We are talking about business, and you know it means lots of energy to outdo the competition! Also, during these interactions through text messages, you may get to know your patient before he or she comes through your practice door. 

Use common language

Think about your brand. Now picture the style that goes with it. What is the first impression you want to cause to your potential customer? Avoid acting robotic or cold with too many formalisms! Using emojis goes a long way to be approachable. Keep in mind the other person won't hear your voice, so your words must avoid being dry or cutting. 

Whether these are current clients or potential new ones, reply to them as friends, making them feel welcome even through text message. Use shorthand to a minimum and only when it makes sense

Don't forget being nice! Even if they opt-out from your listing. Sometimes after reading a friendly toned message, people change their mind and decide to check out what you have to offer. Learn to use text messages as a conversation starter to get down to business. 

Pro tip: the sensitive, interested attitude must reflect in the phone, emails, and text messages all the same. Try to tune up the same vibe for each of them! 

Make them feel like a VIP

Transmit the idea that being on your listing is a VIP matter. Make them feel they are important to you and your business. Give them value, exclusive promos, invitations to events, VIP perks that reassure that connection with you.

Create a streamlined to communicate with you in case they need something from your business. You might've tried RSVP through emails, but you'll be amazed to see the wonders a text message can perform. 

Split-up your contact list to send promotions. 

You don't want to contact all of your leads at the same time. You would go crazy with all the responses, and it'll be super intense for you! Outline in advance manageable chunks of clients to start your promotional campaigns. 

Don't be generic, be authentic, build relationships with your customers, and stay on their mind without turning into spam.  

Guys, use technology to your advantage! If you leverage text-message for your practice the smart way, you'll see fantastic results with as much as 0 dollars invested! Still feeling you need more information about this practice? Check out our MedSpa Accelerator Podcast, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We uncover the best practices, techniques, and tricks to skyrocket your brand to infinity and beyond! 


This episode is being sponsored by PatientGem. Visit to get a FREE 2-Week Trial.


Episode 27: How Our Clients Collected $42K with ONLY 1 SMS

PatientGem. Visit to get a FREE 2-Week Trial.


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