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Why Should You Host Virtual Events During 2021?

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Due to the COVID-19, we live under many social distancing protocols to keep us as protected as possible. Needless to say, it can get a bit troublesome for MedSpas to maintain the events organization flowing smoothly. How can you reach your audience from where you are? For instance, hosting events would be a completely crazy idea, unless…

You take the time to go virtual! 

I know, it sounds crazy, but the only thing we can say for sure about 2021 is that nothing will stay exactly the same as in good old 2019. That being said, you can bet that interacting with people through a screen can be the warm human touch your audience needs to build and strengthen a  connection with you! 

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • The Importance of Exploiting Virtual Events
  • A Solid Starting Point 
  • The importance of choosing the best video streaming platform
  • How can you promote your event to reach your desired audience

A year ago, it would have been unheard of to invite people to a virtual event. Now, it’s the norm. COVID will likely be with us for a while, so your 2021 plan should focus heavily on how you will market and meet virtually. 

By now, most people have gotten accustomed to virtual communication; many families used Zoom and other platforms to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with their families while being mindful of the social distancing. How will you use this new normal to your advantage?

Don’t panic!

At Everable, we believe a plan to set on top of the competition should be exciting and very doable. You want to enjoy the experience of going live and reach out for your audience as the aesthetic authority you are. I know, talking to a camera is not the same as talking directly to people, but there’s nothing a little planification and a dash of confidence can’t solve.

Pro-tip: We strongly suggest that you start planning events for each quarter of the year to let your patients know what to expect for the following months. Focus on topics relevant to that time of year or current economic conditions.

Exploiting Virtual Events 

Here’s a list of highlights you might want to take into consideration when thinking about virtual events:

  • It's Less Expensive
    Thanks to virtual events, the overall cost of putting on your event will be greatly reduced. The only thing you’ll have to worry about paying is the costs of the virtual meeting platform, and why not? Maybe sending a little “thank you” gift to your attendees.
  • It Saves Time
    Remember those no shows due to traffic? Well, that won't be an inconvenience anymore. Because your event is virtual, you’ll save yourself, your staff, and your attendees so much time! 
  • It's Flexible and Variable
    Whether you’re hosting a conference to talk about an specific service or a sales kick-off you can choose to make the sessions interactive, offer different language options, invite guest speakers, and more.
  • It's Easy to Collect Feedback
    Like in-person events, feedback is crucial for virtual events. Attendees are constantly online at virtual events, which means they can easily answer real-time polls or surveys in sessions.
  • It's Easy to Measure Results
    It should be easier to gather certain data on your event and attendees during your virtual event than an in-person event. Why? Because everything is done online, so it can be easily tracked. For instance, you can know when your attendees logged on, from where, the number of people attending, how they are paying, and so much more.

Where should you start? 

  1. Find the video streaming platform that works best for you.

Zoom. Google Meet. Whereby. Microsoft Teams. And the list goes on and on... So many options! But which venue provides you with the best possible experience for your attendees? 

"Know at least the skeleton of your strategy for the event so you can vet platform options against it," advises Lisa Marks, founder of Brand Alive.

For example, if what you want is to host a Q&A session around a specific service maybe you want to use zoom, which is easy to use and won’t need more than a computer and a stable connection to join!  

  1. Ensure your best internet connection possible.

Nowadays, an unreliable connection is not an option in a fast paced -mostly online- business market. If you haven’t, you should think about upgrading your internet speed for your overall business health. Trust us, your employees will always love having the proper tools to do their jobs.

A good internet speed is at or above 25 Mbps. These speeds will support most online activity, From Quick response time for online tools, employee productivity, reliability, efficiency for remote offices,  backup needs, to video conferencing.

You want people to hear and see you as if you were with them during the event.

Pro-tip: Make some testing with trusted people to make sure you are not freezing or your connection is unstable. 

  1. Prepare your clothes, props, and set. Make some time to rehearse and do live practice. 

Time to say goodbye to the comfy pajama pants and slippers outfit! Needles to say you want to look and feel radiant during your virtual event! You want to look your best as you always do inside your practice.

  1. Make some time to rehearse and do live practice.

Remember there won’t be any editing magic this time. No, you don’t have to memorize the whole  script, but you might want to write down some general direction about what you want to talk about with your customers. You should look confident about your knowledge to portrait yourself as the aesthetic authority you are!
Pro-tip: Ask your team to help you rehearse in a mock live transmission. If they notice that something goes wrong, ask them to write it down and refine all the small details. Make sure every nook and cranny is perfect for when you go live.

  1. Last but not least...Advertise and market your virtual event.
    Time to use your social media channels! Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, what’ll it be? Build an engaging strategy promoting your live event, focus all your efforts on reaching your ideal audience and let them know WHY they would want to join your event. When promoting your virtual event, be sure to give your audience a clear idea of ​​what to expect.
    Will the event last 45 minutes? An hour?
    Will you have a Q&A section?
    Will the participants get any special discount or gift if they sign-up to your event? 
    Value your attendees time and money by letting them know what they will find once they sign up.
    Pro-tip: Together we are stronger. Talk to other organizations in your sector and collaborate to reach your audience. From the start, make it clear whether both brands will participate.

BONUS TOOLKIT: Do you want to learn more from one of the biggest streaming authorities? Click here and get 9 Streaming tips directly from the Vimeo team.

This is just the tip of the ice-berg of the new norm of virtual events. Think about all the opportunities at hand! 
We want to help you reach the top, hence, to keep you updated about every new creative marketing idea we’ve got for your MedSpa, we want to invite you to our community today! Stay tuned and get fresh new content every week to help your business thrive. 
If you feel ready to step up your practice now, schedule a discovery call!

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