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4 Things to Know to Deliver Your Cost with Confidence

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Today let's talk about sales. Specifically, we’re going to take a deep-dive into what it means to deliver your cost confidently! 

Over the years, we have kept track of the very best — and worst — sales practices that we’ve seen as growth partners. What you say and how you behave during the initial consultation can turn a potential client into a consistent one, or scare them away before you have the chance to demonstrate how incredible your services are. 
Here are a few ways to help yourself feel confident when selling to customers. 

Understand your costs.

Do you know exactly what you charge for a certain service?The first step to deliver your cost with confidence is to know your cost! 

Think about it this way: the selling process starts with exceptional customer service. Customer service starts with confidence.

Patients want to know that their aesthetics provider will serve them in a professional manner. They need the assurance that the treatment is right for them. If they have questions, they want prompt and honest answers. 

Being transparent about pricing allows you to save time by not pursuing potential clients who don’t have the budget to afford your first-rate services, or who have a different perception of value.

If you state the service and cost with confidence, the patient is more likely to understand the value. This confidence will help you build and maintain a better relationship with your customer because they will have more trust in you.

Ask questions and provide options.

The ability to interpret clients’ financial needs is a necessary skill for any business owner. 

Here are a couple of ways to keep the conversation rolling while you create a patient financial profile and address their particular needs:

  1. Ask them, “Do you want to see our affordable payment plans?” This can help you get a better sense of your patient’s financial situation. 
  1. Offer the option of full payment — when they pay the “total” for the treatment or buy all of the cycles of a service at once, you can potentially give them a discount as well.
  1. Ask, “When will you be ready to start treatment?” This gives them the option to extend their start date if they need to collect down payments. 
  1. Discuss what payment plan will work best for them. Work together as a team to help them figure out how they can best afford your services! 

Use buzz words. 

Sales is a challenging and absolutely necessary part of business. In many cases, the opportunity to effectively connect with prospective clients on a deeper level, and to differentiate yourself from competitors, happens during the sales phase. Often, you get one shot — one first impression — to show people why they should do business with you and not someone else.

Try using some of these helper words when delivering your cost:




“Right now”




Avoid the usual sales pitfalls. 

There are many articles about what top salespeople do to achieve success and stand out from the rest. On the other hand, here are a few things you should be sure to avoid:

  • Emphasising affordability. This works in some industries, but the medical spa industry is different. Most people know that our services aren’t cheap. That is why it’s so important to sell based on the value of the service rather than the cost. How would the service benefit the customer in the long-term?
  • Projecting nervousness and tension. When you interact with customers, check your body language — are your arms crossed? Are you smiling? Make sure you are demonstrating friendliness by opening up your posture. 
  • Selling based on Your Wallet. This one might be particularly for staff members that might feel that the price is too high for the service and they are apologizing for the price point to be so high.

So, did you find anything useful for you to implement at your practice? Let us know! We’d love to learn more about how we can help you grow your business. 



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