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Episode 58: How to Reinvent Your MedSpa to Thrive After Coronavirus


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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At this moment, we are still quarantined and missing our regular lifestyles, and just like you, we've been wondering about what's going to come next. To start, let's admit the obvious disruptions to existing businesses: 

  • Supply chains are missing a link 
  • Company owners have little cash on hand
  • Employees are eager but scared
  • Consumer confidence is low except for staple products and services
  • Consumer habits have shifted to online-only channels

...We could go on, but we are solvers! And we want to help you start focusing on what you can do instead of stressing yourself out over whatever the president or respective governor of your State will announce next. How To Reinvent Your Business To Thrive After The Coronavirus?

In today's episode, we want to break down four key steps we identified as essential to come back steady after jumping out of the COVID-19 quarantine. We might have lost Q2, one of the most valuable periods for our clients given the demand created by people getting ready for summer, and probably your clients may be facing a hard time coming back to the world when the economy re-opens -maybe they are still scared of contagion, or they’re part of the workforce reduction- but fret not, we have a plan to help you out.

At the heart of this method is evidence-based decision-making; be assured you're about to read really valuable information! Get a glass of water -wine- and take out your notebook & let us jump in into the four steps to reinvent your business after Coronavirus: deconstruction, imagination, testing, and prototyping. 


Right now, you have to come back down to state the basics: What does your business do? The first thing you need to keep in mind before pointing your new direction is that people wanting to be part of the beauty industry are still out there, maybe in a different capacity, but waiting for the opportunity to get the service and products from your field. We listed nine elements you have to take into consideration for this step, let's take a look at them:

  • Customer segment
  • Value proposition
  • Channel
  • Customer relationship
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Key partners
  • Revenues
  • Costs

As a business owner, you have to take a moment and analyze your current situation, where you are standing, the overall status of your clients, and a middle ground where you'll meet them. During this stage, you have to remain capable of judging what part of your service is not working and requires some updating, implementing new practices & including appropriate services with a greater appeal for the upcoming months. 

Practical example time!

You used to have a lot of patients going crazy over botox & derma fillers. Whenever you released a new package to get a given amount of botox to cover another wrinkle-free month, your inbox was about to explode. But now you've noticed that your target market is suffering the economic consequences of COVID-19, which creates uncertainty. Here, for example, you would have to consider changing the service or changing the target market & marketing strategy to reach another persona. 

Change your marketing message and the channels you used

Within your practice, consider these questions:

  • Is your audience changing?
  • Who are you talking to now? 
  • What services do they want?

Right now, the aesthetic pros should think about what their customers are going through and how it is going to change the way they see beauty & health. Making changes from advertising the possibility to transform into a better version of themselves to the importance of investing over self-care might do the trick in the current times. 

What about offering some health services to promote long term wellbeing and security? Think about how people realized the importance of taking action over their overall immune system and protect themselves from any disease. Taking care of oneself and thinking about investing in our care as something valuable: there is an opportunity worth the shot! 

Part of your job as an aesthetic expert is helping people feel good about themselves, and now you can position yourself as a guru by assisting them in sorting out the next step to achieve wellness. Whether your customer wants to start feeling good from the inside to the outside or vice-versa, you'll be the one providing the guidance & tools required. 

Pro tip: Making sure you know how to approach your customers now is easier if you know not only who they are but where they are. Maybe now you’ll change from a younger audience to an older generation -say people around 50+ instead of 40,- therefore, you’ll have to migrate from Instagram to Google & reimagine your marketing messages without losing your branding. 

Practical example time!

You've heard about IV Therapy and how it helps people boost more than the feeling of hydration, but you thought it wasn't one of your main services. But now people will see IV Therapy with a new mindset, and probably will consider it as an essential service. And well, now that your customer is into it, why not bundle it with a hydrafacial for a wholesome experience? 

Adjust prices and supply chain.

The pandemic is almost sure to leave a mark on the way people work, shop and socialize, perhaps permanently shifting the way many service industries operate. You’ll have to find a way to adjust your prices to the new economy situation while maintaining your practice profitably. 


What is it you can do right now to keep thriving? It's time to create solutions that will last after COVID-19. We are doing our best to design strategies that will help our customers keep moving forward during these times of restrictions. We've come with some pretty neat ideas -we're not bragging, just stating facts here- that will revolutionize the way they worked and position them as leading practices for the new aesthetic era that will result after the confinement, where people relied on Social Media and the convenience of "from home" services.

  • Virtual Consultation
  • Event Webinars
  • Online Classes

After tasting the sweet convenience of online services, this is the new standard expectation for your customers. Think about this time as an opportunity to start implementing a new channel of communication with your clients! Think about all the people who couldn't go to your events in the past because they couldn't make some time in their agenda to get on time. You are breaking a barrier and reaching out to your customers, making easier the process of providing your services & products to your ideal audience. What a great way to take a temporary boost!

Stay creative. Evaluate your business and it’s environment, you might find some problems that you have a solution for! Use technology to your advantage and start implementing some problem solving sauce to your business. 

Testing & Prototyping

Now that you have some plans, it's time to see the results. Are they as good in practice as they were on your mind? This step is going to be all about the empirical method proofing. If you have loyal customers that know you, talk to them and ask for some help! Find out what they need, what they are expecting from you, and start prototyping an attractive solution for your customers. Get some inspiration from other businesses that are taking advantage of Social Media and IT technologies! 

Practical example time!

We asked our customers what they want to hear about in our podcast and learned that even though a lot of people are up to start providing virtual consultations, many of them don’t know where to start. Given this information, we’ve created a Go Virtual workshop that you watch inside our FB group  for all of you to get what you need to dive into this brand new customer journey -don’t miss it!!  Join us in our Facebook group and be part of it!-

The way in which we do business will likely change in the months ahead, but if you look for a way to stay relevant and meet your customers where they are, you will be ahead of the game. 

Don’t forget to sign up to our podcast for more valuable information to grow your practice! Follow us in our different Social Media channels and make sure to join our Facebook group! We have video live events, valuable resources and great opportunities to talk about digital marketing with fellow entrepreneurs! And don't forget the question of the week:: What is the most creative thing you've done during this season within your business? Share your experience with our community and let us know all about your pop-up ideas that helped you the most during the confinement! Go ahead, write, read, and get out there with some fresh ideas to thrive your practice!


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