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Episode 53: How to Have a 90% Close Rate on Cold Leads with Dana Smith


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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We have an exciting story today! Dana Smith from the LaserSmart Skin & Body - MedSpa based in Gilbert, Arizona-has been working with us for a couple of months now, and she's getting crazy good results! We had an insightful business conversation with her regarding her experience in the aesthetics field & effective techniques to close deals with the leads coming through her business door. We want to share with ALL of Everable's community her experience! Tag along and listen from first-hand how Dana is rocking her business with a 90% close rate on cold leads! 

The Starting Point to Success, Dana-Smith-Style.

LaserSmart Skin & Body opened for public in April 2019; nevertheless,  the expert & cheerful Dana Smith started her aesthetic career about ten years ago as an educator after falling in love with her laser technician certification. She spent a couple of years traveling around the country and worked with different physicians before setting up her mind on opening her own practice.

You ARE the expert. Diagnose the problems + offer solutions. 

For Dana, education is vital when patients come into her practice! She knows that the wide variety of services might be confusing for people who are looking to better themselves. Misinformation & poor suggestions are just the beginning of the list of bad guys you -the expert- will have to deal with to gain your client’s confidence. Making sure your leads and potential clients know you have the proper knowledge and certifications to position yourself as an aesthetic guru must always be your first step! 

Pro tip: As the expert, you have the responsibility to properly assess your patients! After you learn about what he or she is looking for during their consultation, you have to build the best possible plan for each scenario. Take the time to educate them! Maybe they come in looking for a specific service, but you have something that will suit them better! Think about an articulated plan for a healthy, long term relationship with each new client. 

What we learned about Dana is the importance of knowing you are not selling whatever service just to get money out from the transaction. Your approach as a beauty & health expert must always be empathic and understanding about where your patient is coming from and what is the most suitable solution to their issue. Even though some people believe we work in a field of vanity, keep in mind that in this industry, you make people look better AND feel better. Feel successful and joyful with every happy client that leaves your practice! 

Dana's tip: your complimentary consultation is critical for building rapport with your patients. Make sure they know you care and provide an in-depth diagnosis of what is happening and which are the best possible solutions. Set short, mid and long term solutions and build trust for them to feel comfortable coming back to you to ask questions and getting some new services at your practice.

LaserSmart Skin in numbers. 

We can't sweat this enough: you must be aware of your business numbers! You should always know how much money is coming in & out for you to have a functional MedSpa. 

They have a 90% Closing Rate

Every $110 invested in marketing, Dana is getting a brand new consultation!

It's only taking them $12.00 extra dollars ($122 total) to get an ACTUAL patient. 

The best part is yet to come. Dana told us the importance of performing a holistic consultation where you open up the opportunity not just to sell an outstanding service; she's UPSELLING services patients didn't even know they needed! Therefore, each time Dana spends $122.00 in advertising, she's getting a new patient that is spending an average of $728.00. We are talking about a 6.5x Return On Advertising Spend! This way, the campaign proves itself as profitable. 

Remember, the entire process from advertising to closing the deal with your patient matters. We will do our best to help you get closer to your ideal audience and get some quality leads that are actively looking for YOUR services, but you and your team must make sure to keep it up with an excellent customer journey each time you get a lead. Consider the technique discussed during this interview where you present a diagnosis and the solutions you offer to fix your client's problem.

Adding Dana's secret sauce with a little spice of PatientGem to your practice will get you outraging close rates. 

We can break down what we learned from Dana and her experience setting up the foundations for LaserSmart Skin. 

  • Set up a process. We talked about this in episode 42, "The ultimate customer journey." You need to stay aware of how each interaction between your practice and your client looks like from the moment they see your campaigns and hits that "book now" button. Keep it simple and efficient! 
  • Never neglect follow up. If you stay with your customers throughout their whole experience and build trust with each step, you'll be nurturing long-term patients that love you and your brand! 
  • Deeply understand needs. It comes down to selling solutions while educating patients for them to understand how you'll help them enhance their current physique — our Dana's recommendation is offering more than one way to achieve what your customer needs. 
  • Make the most out of consultations. Dana's opening gambit consists of building rapport and making her patients feel comfortable to talk about themselves, their concerns, and needs to pinpoint specific problems on their back. She's been giving a free dermaplaning to everyone showing up to their complimentary consultation! She doesn't know what a "no-show" is.
  • No more one-man army. Running a business on your own is not just challenging, it's exhausting and not recommended at all. Leave the marketing to the marketers and focus on rocking your practice. Don't lose time going crazy trying to build your Social Media community, find a team that can do that for you, and use your time smartly. We don't mean to brag, of course, but Dana found a powerful tool for climbing to success in PatientGem. She's generating leads, scheduling consultations, sending automated reminders, running campaigns, and following-up — all of this in just ONE platform, and in just a couple of clicks. Getting leads and following up has never been so easy!


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