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[PODCAST] Episode 44: 5 Ways You Are Killing Your MedSpa Marketing Plan


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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Sweat. Tears. Blood. -Ok, blood might be exaggerating a little.- 

But we know you can’t sleep at night thinking about what are you going to do now. After months of hard work -investing every ounce of energy into the development of your business plan- you can't help but wonder what's next to become a successful MedSpa. Not only that but the one MedSpa everyone wants to go to, the business that sustains your lifestyle or even the business that runs itself. 

Let me ask you something. Did you take time thinking about marketing? Marketing for your medical spa is an ongoing endeavor that requires just as much -if not more- effort and budget than it takes to plan for and run your MedSpa.  We know from experience, this is one of the most common mistakes business owners bump into when planning your operational budget — putting forth at least the same amount of effort towards your ongoing digital marketing campaigns is a requirement, and here is why:  

Competition in this field is tight, with tons of new clinics opening up in cities across the nation. You’ve got to do it right to keep an edge over the competition.

Keep reading, or head on and listen to episode 44 of the MedSpa Accelerator Podcast to learn the biggest mistakes you want to avoid when it comes to the digital marketing strategy for your medical spa. 

1. -”Jane Doe will take care of that”. No! Never Dump Marketing Tasks on the Staff!

Marketing is a group effort. Indeed, the staff members at your spa should be more than capable of contributing to the overall marketing goals, but that is not what you hired them to do! In other words, just because you have an employee that loves posting on social media, this does not mean they are qualified to create custom business posts to represent the voice of your business and build your brand.

Pro tip: Include in your budget, hiring trained marketing professionals to plan, implement, maintain, and continuously improve your marketing work and efficacy. 

2. "Tech support must know all about Social Media, right?" No! Please Don't Let Tech Support Run Marketing Campaigns.

Tech support workers and developers do have some generalized search engine optimization (SEO) experience - usually. However, that does not automatically equate to that of an SEO specialist. Be leary of a website technician that offers to handle all of your SEO or other marketing tasks. It's never a good idea to hire someone as a developer or "techie" that claims to be a "jack-of-all-trades."

Working on the website is a big job, and one must know their way around a site to do so. While support techs certainly know where to enter H1 tags and metadata and the importance of them, this does not mean they can get inside the mind of the writer and analyze data to determine the best onsite marketing strategies right for your business.

Pro tip: We've said this before, but hiring a team with a Content Writer expert will take your Social Media to a whole new level! 

3. "Ok, I'll trust no one but myself." No! Handling All the Spa Business Marketing Yourself Is Not The Answer! 

No one knows your medical spa as well as you do, that much is a fact. Therefore, it may seem like a good idea to save some money and handle all the marketing work yourself. Internet marketing is the wave of the future, and the old school efforts of spreading your brand by word of mouth and a listing in the phone book won't cut it. 

"But I know how to send emails and post on social media. How hard can it be?" 

Well, it’s not as simple as that. A strong-built medical spa marketing team has years of experience and trials and errors that influence every single move they make for your business. Strategizing, measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), making sense of analytics, and implementing actionable insights are tasks best left to the professionals.

Pro tip: Invest your time smartly!  Even if you are keen on all the best online marketing strategies in the book, your job is to run the business. You have enough on your plate from managing employees to inventory and other business management tasks, don't risk the chance of putting forth less time towards the important task of medical spa marketing because you're stretched too thin.

4. "My granny used to do it like this." No! Taking an Old School Approach to Digital Marketing is far from ideal! 

With all the Google algorithm updates and industry standards for best practices and effective strategies, if you are not keeping up with the times, your business will suffer. Even worse, if you miss an important update by Google that directly affects your website ranking, you could experience a penalty that may be impossible to recover from -seriously, some websites never come back.- 

Pro tip: Look for a team that constantly update themselves! Aside from the fact that online marketing standards experience frequent updates, so does your industry! As mentioned earlier in this article, medical spas are popping up daily. If you're not paying attention or working with a skilled group of professionals who are, you're setting yourself up for failure.

5. "I started my Social Media marketing, now let's wait for customers to come in." Not quite! You Don't want to Fail to Nurture Leads to the End of the Funnel

Are people coming to your website? Do they open your emails? If so, where do they go? Do they click at all, or do they quickly bounce off? 

All of these are critical questions whoever is in charge of your clinic's marketing work needs to know. Moreover, beyond knowing this information, how this data is used to influence business decisions is what matters.

The "buyer's journey" can take different paths for a lead to become a conversion. Where each lead is at along the sales funnel will determine what should be done to convert it into a customer. For instance, did they come to the website and fill out a contact form? Time to reach out to them with a call or email! Did they open an email marketing blast? Time to follow up with an autoresponder! Lead nurturing is usually the most frequently overlooked marketing tactic, but it carries the highest potential to make a noticeable impact on your business.

Need Help with Your Medical Spa Marketing?

We can help! For more than a decade, owners of medical spas have trusted us to handle their online marketing campaigns. Unlike the "jack-of-all-trade" digital agencies, we specialize only in medical spas such as yours.

Sit back. Relax. And most importantly, stay calm, knowing you're in good hands. Our tactics are guaranteed to generate and convert leads so your medical spa can grow and thrive. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services.


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