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[PODCAST] Episode 33: Best Practices to Follow Up & Schedule Your Leads


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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Why would you need so many leads if you are not going to close them? 

Sometimes your marketing strategies might be giving outstanding results, but the conversion rate not so much. We've seen it many times! Evident leaks where the potential client's interest is lost, and never reaches out again.  As marketing specialists, we know leads without a system to follow up with them are worthless, that's why you need to take action to transform them into consults and clients walking through your medspa door. 

You might have a correctly-trained staff working with you, but you can't avoid the common human mistakes. To err is human, and we know it!  We believe in using automation to make your life easier. It will help you and your staff have control over marketing results while working over other matters that also need your attention. 

We found an excellent system to help you convert leads into appointments. Our clients get as high as 50 to 60% of conversion rate. We are not talking about referrals; we mean people who first interacted with you through active campaigns. Let's break down our discoveries and research to achieve that convert ratio in your medspa, shall we? 

For starters, follow up is everything to achieve the best results possible. You got to follow up 8 to 12 times to keep your reach ratio at 80%. I know, it sounds crazy, and we know most people dislike the idea of contacting potential clients so many times, but this is hard data to achieve success. We recommend using more than one way to reach for the client, e-mails, phone calls, inbox. Be creative! Stay relevant in your leads’ minds! 

Pro tip: When reaching out to your leads try to use first the same communication way they used -For example, if they contacted you via email your first attempt must be another email. 

Also, the follow-up must be almost immediate. You want to take this step during the first 5 to 15 minutes. Most likely, if someone signed up to your site, they'll be in front of their computer, phone, or tablet. You want to use this time to start the sale process.  

Let us share with you how we implement this practice. We use specific software we are code-developing called PatientGem. Whenever a lead is generated, it goes into PatientGem and triggers a follow-up sequence for the particular lead. This sequence is for about 14 days, and it begins to get those 8 to 12 touch points with the potential client. It starts a series consisting of text messages, e-mails and what we call ringless voicemails.  

Pro tip: We recommend that if you have time to contact your lead 3 to 5 times personally, go ahead! While de automation will take care of the most significant effort, you'll strengthen the touch points with a personal touch that'll make the customer feel valued. 

People have their phone all day long, which makes the contract labor easier. But when they are busy driving or perhaps working, maybe they won't be able to answer a phone call.  Text messages will be your best friend to reach your lead conveniently and adequately for today's lifestyle! People prefer to talk through this media, and it's most likely they read your text message than answer a call from an unknown number. Each text message has a 98% open rate, which is vast. 

Your primary intention should be to make it easy and convenient to get a service from you. Make the customers feel grateful for the reminders, do you best for your messages and emails to be full of useful information and as a reminder as well. Build a healthy relationship from those messages! Be mindful about how your lead might not be ready to take action or book in this very moment, but you can educate them and nurture their knowledge about the service you provide. For these tasks, we also recommend the ringless voicemails. This pretty cool action will send a voicemail notification, which is a recording your customer can hear whenever they are available. 

If you don't know how to implement these techniques but want to improve your results, make sure to follow our social media, or give us a call! We would gladly help you increase that convert ratio you need! 


This episode is being sponsored by PatientGem. Visit to get a FREE 2-Week Trial.

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