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[PODCAST] Episode 32: Top 3 Excuses Clients Use to Not Close & How to Reply


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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After all that time spent designing marketing strategies and nurturing your leads, it comes down to the moment of truth — the consultation. 

You have around an hour to sell the value of your service to a potential client. Even though there will be people more than ready to start working with your MedSpa, you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario: your potential customer coming up with excuses to run away from you, usually after you discuss the price of the service.

Here are three of the most common excuses clients use, and how to respond to them.

‍"I'll need to talk to my spouse."

In our experience, it's quite unlikely that the patient is being honest about the need to discuss the treatment with their partner,  and they are probably just looking for a way out of the sale.

Most of the time, excuses like these occur when you discuss the price before selling the value of your service. Selling the value includes listing all of the benefits and explaining how it’s not a commodity, but an investment in the client’s future happiness. 

You can avoid this excuse by requesting that your patient attend consultations with their partners, or that they gather whatever relevant information they might need prior to committing to treatment.  Without putting pressure on the client, simply explain how you are very busy and it would be the most convenient for everyone involved to give the client all of the information about next steps here and there. After all, there’s no guarantee you will have time for a follow-up consultation. Learn to read the customers and don’t give away too much information too soon! 

“Do I have to drive all the way down there?” ‍

It's impossible for all your customers to live just around the corner. Some of them will inevitably complain about the distance or the commute time, especially if there are other med spas closer to their area. 

From the beginning, you must firmly and clearly remind them that they are not driving to meet just any aesthetic professional. They’re coming to see YOU, and you are the expert they’ve been looking for who can help them achieve their beauty goals. Make sure all your staff is on-board with this strong attitude, and remember what makes your business and your services remarkable.  When you speak to the client, explain what makes you unique and why they should choose you over any other med spa. 

"I can't afford the service."  

Usually, when a customer cannot afford the service, you'll notice the red flags early on. However, sometimes clients use this as an excuse.  

First of all, make sure you are confident about what you’re selling, and project that confidence to your customer. Help them think about the outcome of the treatment and how much they want it. A cosmetic service is about so much more than vanity or commodity — it’s a personal investment.  Sometimes it helps to remind them that the high price is an assurance of quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

There will be times your patient wants the treatment badly, but genuinely struggles to afford it.  There are ways for you to help them get around this obstacle. Propose monthly payment plans or other financing options, and stress that, for medical services, it’s always a smarter decision to put quality over affordability. 

Every time a patient chooses you over the competition is a victory. Be proud of what you do,, and you'll see the results in no time! You must keep focusing on the value and the quality of your services over the price. Not every person who comes through your doors is a future client, but you should always treat them as though they will be. Do your very best to sell your brand! 

Tune in every week to the MedSpa Accelerator podcast to hear some of the best marketing and sales tips and tricks to take your MedSpa to the next level. Everable is a team of specialists in love with digital marketing looking forward to helping your MedSpa thrive!! Find all other episodes on your favorite podcast platform! Or check out our YouTube channel to watch the videos.

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