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[PODCAST] Episode 31: 5 Things your MedSpa Website MUST Have


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

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In this episode, we talk about the 5 five things your Med Spa Website MUST have in order to convert leads into potential customers. We’ll walk through those small marketing details, that results in an outstanding leads-increase. Also, we’ll talk about the importance to complete the process started by your digital resources with a final human touch from you and your team!  

For sure, you already have a website. -If not, definitely this is your starting point- but you might feel a little disappointed with the results of your online presence and wonder what the secret is. How does the competition reach so many clients that result in consultations and you don't get more than a few phone calls or e-mails? In today's podcast, we guide you through 5 Things your MedSpa Website MUST Have to optimize the conversion of a potential client to happy and super faithful patient.

1. Attention! This headline concerns you.

Given the massive amount of information available on the internet, the average attention span of a person is quite short, just 3 seconds.  Given this information, you must be mindful about taking advantage of each one of those precious seconds you have to convince the reader you are what they need.
Use your headline as a space to showcase what you do and how does that practice help the person on the other side of the screen. Make it about the patient and hugely benefit driven. Don't worry, you'll have time to talk about why you are the best doctor they'll find in the market, but this is not the place.

2. We got the curiosity, but we need the attention.

Now that you managed to keep the potential client's eye, the job is barely beginning. Like any other sales work, this requires the human touch of an expert who can seal the deal, so we got to lead the customer to a call-to-action to start this interaction.    

Book now, call us, share your e-mail with us. You choose, but make it clear you are willing to offer a service. Make scheduling an appointment as simple and effective as you can. Address the clear call-to-action above the fold; this way, your leads have quick and visible access to it. Remember, a certain percentage of this leads is more than ready to work with you, so lend them a hand to keep going through the process comfortably!

Pro tip: You must make sure it looks as good in mobile devices as in a computer!   

3. Hey, they're not ready just yet.

As much as we would like that every single click on our website is someone a hundred percent sure about acquiring a MedSpa service, reality says otherwise.

Some of the leads landing in your website are investigating and trying to figure out what, where, and how to go through an aesthetic procedure. Here is were transitional call-to-action is required.

Mail listing is a great way to educate customers while making sure to stay relevant in their mind. Make sure to keep on the inbox of your client and remind them you are ready to help them whenever they need them.

4. Do you even know who I am?

Build a relationship with your client, remain approachable and reinforce your availability to help them in what they need.

Remind customers there is a human being on the other side of the screen! You might want to activate Facebook Chat and maintain a conversation with your clients when they want to reach out.

Make sure the valuable information you provide them reflects this human side shining in an overly techy era.

5. A friend of mine told me this is what I NEED

People love recommendations. It's a lot easier to trust something approved previously by someone else, and in the aesthetics field testimonials are game-changing.

Try to have some testimonials in your land-page, collect all the reviews you can that talks about why people loved your service and how much they recommend others to choose you over other MedSpas.

Pro tip: Multimedia allows us to take relatability to a new level. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. Just imagine the video testimonials would results!  

Tune in to the Med Spa Accelerator Podcast to listen to the entire episode and learn more of these quick tips you can do within an hour to start getting more leads into your practice.

PLUS, this episode comes with a downloadable PDF that you can print out or send to your webmaster so they can make these changes for you!

Find us on your favorite podcast platform! Or check out our YouTube channel to watch the videos.

If you find this information useful, check out our downloadable guide in the image above and make sure to subscribe to our channel! We have all the tips & tricks that will boost you up in the MedSpa field in the blink of an eye. Everable is a team of specialists in love with digital marketing looking forward to helping you exceed your expectations!

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