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How a Hawaii MedSpa Collected Cash & Bounced Back After Coivd19 | Dr. Sanderson from Elite Health Hawaii

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Every crisis brings challenges and threats to entrepreneurs and their organizations. Unfortunately, MedSpas are not the exception

We saw first-hand the gigantic wave of chaos coming our way during the very first months. Many aspects of private and public life had to move to an online format. Aesthetic practices had to reinvent themselves to stay alive! What could a closed practice possibly offer to bring in revenue? 

If you've heard our podcast, you know we are very into planning. As soon as we foresaw the upcoming situation, we started working on solutions instead of freezing. We gathered everything to engineer new customer journeys: 

✅ E-commerce Tools
✅ Marketing Strategies
✅ Attractive & Useful Promos
✅ Social Media Packages

We really did our best to compile everything -and we mean everything- to prepare our clients to face the pandemic times. And we saw how combining our expertise with our client’s talent performed wonders. Want to see it to believe it? Today we want to share one of the most outstanding success stories among our client list: Dr. Sanderson, from Elite Health Hawaii. Keep reading to find out about his Corona-experience and how he collected cash & bounced back after Covid-19!

Abandon hope? No siree

Regenerative Medicine and MedSpa. A powerful combination to fix small -and not so small- physical details of ourselves. 
What could be more "essential" than taking care of one's body from the inside out? Regardless, the government made a decision towards protecting the community's integrity. Dr. Sanderson had to close his practice doors for five weeks. 
Painful times, scary times. Burying his head under the sand while crossing his fingers, hoping for a miracle to happen, was not an option. He still had due dates, a team looking up to him and a family to protect. Just like you and I, he felt like everything was spinning out of control. But he was smart. He held himself together and thought: this is the time and opportunity. 

The light at the end of the tunnel: Everable to the rescue!

We talked about entrepreneurs and how to manage a crisis in our podcast [Episode: link] and created the [Ultimate Survival Guide link], setting high hopes on reaching people who needed a little boost to achieve something great. Guess what? It worked! Dr. Sanderson took all available online material of our Medspa Accelerator Podcast and shared everything with his team -he really wanted to put them at ease- to start working over solutions
I talked with Dr. Sanderson, and after discussing the situation, we focused our efforts on the following:

  1. Virtual consultations
  2. Put together Stimulus Offers

Text messages, emails, Social Media...We used everything we could to engineer strategies that reached customers effectively. We designed some pretty neat packages to catch target market interest during corona-times. And guess what? 

Ding, ding, ding, ding! It was an ABSOLUTE WIN!

During the first two weeks of working together, we transacted 5,500 dollars online. By the time we had our interview with Dr. Sanderson, the numbers hit the 7,000 incomes on botox & fillers milestone! How cool is that? 
At that moment, we weren't thinking about taking things to the next level. It was all about bringing in revenue to protect the business:

  • Cover overhead costs
  • Pay employees 
  • Cover expenses

Pro-tip: Never underestimate your client list! During the pandemic, loyal long-term customers proved to be the most receptive public who wanted to schedule a visit to their favorite practice as soon as possible.
Keep in mind we are talking about revenue that came during April when the practice was closed entirely.  Wait and see the results of accurate inbound marketing for when the quarantine was over.

Ready, set, re-open doors! 

How does 19,000 in two days sound? Sweet! For when Elite Health MedSpa jumped out from the quarantine, people already knew what they wanted. They had time to do some research and set their mind on specific goals. Dr. Scott Sanderson had his hands flowing with consultations and bookings! Scott Sanderson is ripping what he sows. And he is harvesting success! Take it from him: he just had the most successful week on his business a couple of days ago! And he's ready to keep going higher! 

No retreat, no surrender. It's all about the cashflow.  

It's a fact that Dr. Scott didn't freeze his marketing campaigns. For instance, he pushed forward consistently, and his target market liked what they saw. He made sure to come back to:

  • A full calendar of appointments as soon as he got back to business
  • Use inbound marketing to educate his patients while
  • Keep the advertising active to guarantee income 

He didn't lose time, even during the downtime, he kept working, learning, and innovating. Needless to say,  the results speak for themselves. 
This kind of success is truly fulfilling for us. In the end, our mission here is to see committed entrepreneurs thrive, succeed, and achieve more than they ever imagined.


Welcome everyone to the Med Spa Accelerator Podcast! Brought to you by Cas Clinical Consulting & Everable Marketing! We’re excited to bring this podcast to you where we’ll be discussing the latest hacks and best practices in marketing and running a profitable medspa.

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Are you subscribed to our podcast? If you’re not, we want to encourage you to do that today. We don’t want you to miss an episode. 

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