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Elements of the Perfect Consultation - Selling the COMPLETE Aesthetic Experience!


Shelby Escamilla


May 2, 2019

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Something you definitely don’t want to do as a MedSpa owner is overlook the importance of a successful initial consultation with a prospective patient. The first consultation is your first impression and if it doesn’t go well, that patient may choose to not purchase with you. You want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

So, what are the elements of a perfect consultation? Here is part 3. 

Sell the COMPLETE Experience!

During your consultation, things might take an unexpected turn. This happens more often than you think. Things can change for a number of reasons. 

One of the biggest reasons is that the patient suddenly becomes less interested in the treatment they are being consulted for. This can happen because once they learn more about it, they don’t believe they are a candidate or that will help them reach their aesthetic goals. 

Another reason the consultation may not go according to plan is because the patient is unsure of the pricing and their ability to finance the treatment. 

They also could just desire more time to think before making a decision. 

Any of these reasons could end with them not booking or purchasing the treatment yet. 

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though! There are steps you can take to continue on the path of closing the sale! 

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On the Situation

We know the last thing you want to do is let the patient leave your office without booking or buying anything, however, you don’t want to put pressure on the patient to make a decision right then and there because it could totally backfire and you could lose them as a patient. 

Prospective patients want their concerns and hesitations to be heard and understood. They don’t want to feel like all they are is another transaction. 

The best thing you can do if the the patient wants more time to think before they make a decision is to just stay in their minds as much as you can! Do this by giving them material to take home like a run-down of the treatment and even notes that you took during the consult. This will remind them to call back about booking the treatment. 

Do a Consult Within The Consult

If after discussing the original treatment the patient changes their mind about the treatment you’re discussing, there’s nothing wrong with switching gears and talking about other treatment options! 

After discussing their goals, you both may decide that they are a better candidate for something else. Don’t be afraid to promote another service! After all, a sale is a sale. 

Always Follow Up!

A big part of staying in the patient’s mind is following up with them. Give them a day or two and if they haven’t reached back out after their consultation, give them a call. Ask them how they’re feeling about the consult and if they have any additional questions. Let them know that you care about them as a patient and want to make sure they are completely informed about the treatment before they make a final decision. 

Stay tuned for our final installment of Elements of the Perfect Consultation! We have even more exciting and important information to share with you! 

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