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Are You Stuck? Here’s the Medspa Growth Gameplan You Need to Crush 2023



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We know you want 2023 to be your year for success and growth for your medspa! We know that you have goals you want to achieve and are ready to tackle them head on!

Even if you have goals, are you still feeling stuck?

Are you struggling to build the bridge between where you are and where you want to be? We’re here to help! We have a growth gameplan for you that will help you dominate the year and see growth and success for your business! We’ve separated this gameplan into 3 phases that will work together to build Gameplan for success!

Phase 1

Phase 1 is all about setting up your tools for success and starting with the right resources to build a strong foundation to gain clients and growth.

Building a website is a huge part of the growth process. You may already have a website but is it sending the right message to your prospective clients? Is it user-friendly? Is it informative? Is it interesting to look at? These are all extremely important factors to consider when building your website. Good photography and design are essential as well as a website that converts!

Setting up your CRM and Marketing Automation System is another key point in building a strong foundation for your business.  A CRM system is a program that provides a central location for all your customer contacts, interactions, and other important data points. There are a lot of different software options out there to choose from but it’s important to pick one that is user-friendly for everyone in your staff as well as one that will show you valuable stats on your client base so you can see how many people you’re reaching. That is why we recommend using PatientGem. 

Testimonials are the last key point of Phase 1. Testimonials, or reviews, are so important when building that strong foundation for growth because that is one of the first things prospective clients are going to search for when deciding whether to give you their business or not. People want to know what others think of your service in order to make a purchasing decision for themselves. This is commonly known as Social Approval.

Phase 2

 Phase 2 builds on top of Phase 1 to continue to strengthen your foundation for growth and success!

List Building is a crucial component to your success because this will be how you make many of your new clients, but also how you keep your current ones. Building an e-mail list is a great way to be constantly marketing to your clients. With regular e-mail news blasts, you can send out promotions, events, deals, and more to bring in more business. It’s important to always collect this contact information whenever you can. Even if someone hasn’t become a client yet, if they receive your marketing promotions, they are more likely to become a one!

 The Generation Demand Funnel

The Generation Demand Funnel is a subset of steps we use to refer to the stages between a potential client learning about your business and ultimately making the decision to purchase with you. Each step is a crucial part of the process.

Propositional Value is a term that we use to describe your value over competitors in your market. Why should prospective clients choose you over another client? Your content will say it all! Educational content is a great way to assert your value to potential clients. Show them your knowledge and expertise through newsletters, e-books, PDFs, downloadable pieces of information that prove that you are the best choice for that service.

The Consideration Stage what we use to refer to the point where the prospective client knows who you are and has seen your expertise but still needs that little push to make a purchasing decision. They are usually looking for a specific solution to a problem they are having. This is where your social ads and testimonials play a huge role because this is going to be the proof that these people need to decide.

Call to Action is the last part of the Generation Demand Funnel. Giving prospective clients a great call to action such as a promotional offer, a gift card for coming in, etc. are going to be key in closing that sale. We also recommend Google Ads because once a client has done their research on your medspa, they’ve read testimonials, they educated themselves on your expertise, the last piece of the puzzle is going to be for them to have that incentive to call you. That’s where the offer and call to action comes in and if you’ve invested in a great Good Ad, your business will be one of the first to pop up in a Google search, giving the potential client no reason not to call!


Phase 3

Phase 3 focuses on omnipresent marketing and ways that you can increase your LPV (Lifetime Patient Value)!

Omnipresent marketing is the idea that you are always on your clients’ minds! You want them to continue buying from you as well as refer new people to you. To do this, ensure you are constantly being seen on all different social media platforms, but there are other ways as well!

·  Referral programs are great ways to incentivize your current clients to bring in more business. Offer free services or gift cards for those who refer new clients, and that number will quickly grow.

·  Reactivation campaigns such as follow-up e-mails for clients who haven’t been to your spa in a while or just general promotions do what we like to call “nurture your database” which ensures that your current clients remain clients.

·  One clear call to action in your e-mails blasts makes your e-mails easier to follow and that will make clients more likely to reach out to you.

·  Building out Facebook groups is another great way to connect with your client base. You can not only share marketing material with them, but you can communicate on a more personal level through answering questions, doing polls, and things of that nature.

The main purpose of Phase 3 is to ultimately remain present to your current client base so that it can continue to grow, and you will not remain stagnant but rather expand and achieve your business goals for the year!

Combining all the Phases

This may seem like a lot of work but when you break up the tasks into these manageable phases, you will quickly find that these are just simple things that will make a huge difference in the health of your medspa! 

We want to help pull you out of the rut you may feel stuck in and gain momentum again so your medspa can truly thrive in 2023! 

Now that you know how we do things inside Everable, schedule a 15-minute strategy call with our experts so we can get you started on the path to success with our game-changing strategies! 

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