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Are Med Spas Expected to Continue Growing?


Alison Doe


July 26, 2017

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Med spas are one of the fastest-growing new businesses in the country. It's easy to see why they're so popular. They're a central location where you can get treatments for beauty, fitness, cosmetics, and much more. The growth of med spas isn't expected to end anytime soon, with med spa advertising on the rise. According to Grand View Research, med spas are expected to grow at a rate of 14.28% per year from 2022 to 2030. What's driving this growth? Read on below for the main reasons why med spas are growing so quickly, and how you can take advantage of the growth.

Help With Anti-Aging

Today many people are obsessed with maintaining their youthful appearance. Med spas play a primary role in that pursuit. Med spas offer services like skin masks, facials, and other skin care treatments. The purpose is to open up the pores and maintain and facilitate a healthy skin appearance. Many of the skin treatments offered in med spas usually aren't available over the counter, so med spas hold a special niche in the market.

Help With Muscle and Joint Pain

Med spas aren't just about looking better. They're also about feeling better. Many med spas offer a variety of ways to treat your body. For instance, a med spa may offer things like massage or body rubs. They could offer saunas where you can relax your muscles and release toxins. It's even possible they could offer stretching labs where you can work your muscles and get loose. A visit to a med spa can leave you feeling a few years younger.

Offer Light Cosmetic Procedures

Perhaps you want to look younger, but you want something more than a massage or a facial. A med spa is the place to go. They usually offer light, outpatient cosmetic procedures like botox. With a few simple injections, you can leave looking younger than you did when you entered. That's one of the main reasons med spas are growing so quickly.

Med spa growth is projected to continue over the next decade. We maintain good, high-quality services and keep up with med spa advertising so you'll likely find a steady and returning flow of clients at our facility. Give Everable a call today to see how we can help you with your cosmetic procedures or to set up a relaxing day to pamper yourself.

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