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[PODCAST] Episode 45: Things You Can Do To Have A Successful Pop Up Event


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

As you know, we love basing our tips & tricks for you only in previously proven experiences. Today we are sharing with you a pretty empiric pack of information. We build today's podcast as a result of bouncing ideas with clients who wanted to create pop-up events for their MedSpas, and we want to save you some time sharing our discoveries. 

But first things, first.

What is a pop up event?

A not-so-new, but more recent trend gaining ground in the events industry, is that of pop-up events. Unfamiliar with the term? Pop-up events are temporary events hosted in unique venues ranging from temporary fixtures in open public spaces like an expo or conference to a small small business partnership.

For instance, picture yourself with your little table with brochures in a local event -or in a not so small stand at a health expo- where you invite people to participate and learn all about your brand. 

So… How to determine if it’ll be good for you?

Is my ideal client in here? 

For starters, you have to ask yourself this question. Make sure to target events with an audience similar to yours. Interests & financial standing should be the same to increase the possibilities of getting new clients for your business. For example, if you go for a bridal expo you'll find a lot of people interested in fitting their beautiful dresses, and even people thinking about some botox or dermaplaning to look their best in the wedding pictures.  

In this kind of events it isn’t likely for you to close a sale. And you must keep that in mind. You want to focus on creating brand awareness and set a tangible goal -like building a list of potential prospects- to achieve an expected outcome. This will help you create a more effective pop-up. 

Pro-tip:  Keep track of your budget and calculate the cost per lead generated. You might feel frustrated investing in a lead that might take a couple weeks to show any results, but being able to calculate the exact price of each lead will help you evaluate your success rate. 

Things to prep!

Prep time is key to build awareness. We have some points you should take care of before your pop-up event:

  • Social media buzz is imperative

You want to tell you existing audience that you are going to be at that specific event and when. Maybe your ideal customer would find it easier to meet up with you at this new place! Give people a good reason to drive and show up to see you at this event. Creating a specific special for people attending this event can do the trick. If you want to take a couple more steps you could ask the business you are partnering up with to post information about you to reach more people! 

Pro-tip: Have a Social Media package ready with a short bio, a cute picture and everything your partner in crime might need to boost you up during your pop-up event! You won’t just be present in more channels, but you’ll be looking dashing!  

  • A funnel or landing page for people to sign up

You will want to have a place where your leads can sign up with their information. The easiest way to get people to do this, is by organizing giveaways. Go back to you budget and evaluate how much you are willing to invest in gifts, raffles, spin the wheel or any other idea that might fit your business plan.

Pro tip: Keep your listings automated! It’s not just more comfortable for your potential client, but you are simplifying the back-end work for you. If you have an iPad ready to do the registration work, you’ll be saving hours of paperwork and investing them in something more proficient -like a totally deserved nap.- 

  • A QR code so people can get to your link faster

We already talked about the importance of convenience. And being able to access all your information only by scanning a QR code is exactly this. They are easy and simple to make, so just a few minutes of your time upfront will save you tons of hours - and leads - later.

Tactics to get people to come to you

We’ll say it as many times as it’s required! Investing in these little details are just what you need to seal the deal and grow your business listing!  

  • Special raffle or coupons
  • Wheel of Fortune -our personal favorite, clients looooove to spin the wheel!-
  • Free mini gifts of general appeal
  • Swag -you want to look COOLER than cool.- 

And the MOST important thing…Follow up

You want to keep up the good work after your pop up event. Use the information you got and follow up with the prospects that shared their information with you! Text Message or email with a special offer with people that opted-in to your listing. Nurture and build your relationship with your leads!


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