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[PODCAST] Episode 39: What's a Facebook Pixel & why you need one ASAP


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

You know we love Facebook advertising, in the end, who doesn't want to be relevant in one of the broadest Social Media platforms nowadays? Today we're going to get technical, but don't worry! We'll be guiding you step by step through understanding Facebook Pixel, from what is it to how to use it to your advantage. 

No, we are not talking about an image. 

We've learned from experience that some med spa owners or managers aren't familiar with what a Facebook Pixel is. But as marketing experts, we'll tell you two things: yes, you need it -and no, no programming skills are required so, you can breathe now-.  

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code Facebook generates for you when you create your ad account. The importance of having this code goes around you being able to add it to your landing pages and your website. Think of this as a way for your business website to communicate data with Facebook. Ultimately, this will mean Facebook will be giving better results when generating new leads. 

Ok, sounds great! Where is this Pixel? 

First of all, you need to have your Adds Manager account active. When you create a Fan page like a business account, you already have an Adds Manager account linked to it. If you want to create a Business Manager account, you can do it at

Within de Ad account, you can go to the "Pixel" section reading "Create your Pixel." Once you have this, you can put it on your website, your landing pages, and start your communication with Facebook. As time goes by and data starts accumulating, it will let the platform know and therefore, we can know what is working and what isn't to improve your current status. 

The art of tracking conversions. 

People mainly use the Pixel to track conversions. When you add a Pixel to your different websites and landing pages, it triggers each time a person clicks over your ad or opts-in. It will then, collect the information of the people who clicked over your various ads. Then, in your ads manager, you can see where you got each of your clicks and leads. In a nutshell, you know who you reached, and who you engaged with your ads.

Needless to say, here we are talking about valuable data to improve your overall Facebook campaigns by boosting your marketing strategies, after evaluating your previous results. 

Facebook: Your partner in sales.  

Facebook's algorithm is working behind the scenes, always trying to give you optimal results. If you want leads, the algorithm will work to get you there in the most affordable way as long as you keep feeding it the right data. What it does is evaluate the market and choose people who frequently opt-in to businesses similar to yours. It's only then when Facebook sends your advertising to the targeted market.  

The Pixel plays a critical part in here as it is the provider of data that helps out to cut the edges of your audience for better marketing results. If it performs wonders by itself, imagine if you feed Pixel with more information from your other landing pages! 

Spend your money wisely.

Investing your money in functional advertising has never been so easy.  After reading the Pixel's collected data, you'll know critical information about your different campaigns and strategies, allowing you to evaluate the price-performance ratio. This way, you can make an informed decision on where you should be adding more money and which campaigns should be turned off. Keeping only the campaigns that bring you quality leads, and joy -Marie Kondo will be proud of you-. Keep in mind that all this data is essential to spend your time and money smartly. 

We hope that after reading this information, you go and copy-paste your Pixel to your website & landing pages! Believe us when we say that re-targeting your audience will go a long distance and humongous revenue results. If you have further doubts, do not hesitate in contacting us! We love to help MedSpas thrive, and we know exactly how to do that. 


Welcome everyone to the Med Spa Accelerator Podcast! Brought to you by Cas Clinical Consulting & Everable Marketing! We’re excited to bring this podcast to you where we’ll be discussing the latest hacks and best practices in marketing and running a profitable medspa.

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The Med Spa Accelerator Podcast.
Are you subscribed to our podcast? If you’re not, we want to encourage you to do that today. We don’t want you to miss an episode. 

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