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[PODCAST] Episode 32: Top 3 Excuses Clients Use to Not Close & How to Reply


Luis Trevino


May 2, 2019

Today we bring you a special podcast! Cassie from CAS Med Spa walks us through the most common excuses clients give during their consultation to not close and what to respond! In her experience after years in the MedSpa field, Cassie’s insights are sure to help you optimize your sales practice! So, get a notebook and take note! 

After all those days designing strategies & nurturing your leads, it finally comes to the moment of truth. You have around an hour to sell the value of your service, and even though there will be people more than ready to start working with your MedSpa, you must be prepared for the worst-case scenario: your potential customer coming up with predetermined excuses to run away from you. Situations like these mostly happen after listening to the price. 

Maybe you’ve heard more than once

"Uhm...I'll need to talk my spouse"

and never hear of that potential client again. Well, the experts say that it's quite unlikely that the patient is honest about needing a further consultation and is probably just looking for a way out of the sale.

Most of the times this happens when you state the price before selling the value of your service, explaining all the benefits and clear direction to how this investment will result in something needed, not just another senseless commodity. 

From the beginning, you may avoid this by requesting your patient to tag along with any person who may need access to the valuable information you'll showcase during the hour of your consultation. You, as a professional have a hectic agenda, and you would love to provide all the information needed for taking the next step; otherwise, you might not have time to help them any time soon again. Learn to read the customers and don’t let out too much information too soon! 

“Do I have to drive all the way down there?”

It's impossible for all your customers to live just around the corner, some of them will have complaints about the miles and the time it’ll take them arriving at your MedSpa. Especially when there is someone just around the corner to them that could “do the same thing”.

From the beginning, you must stand firm and powerful, make it clear they are driving to meet not just an aesthetic professional but THE expert they've been looking for to solve their needs. Make sure all your staff keeps that strong attitude and keep in mind what makes your product remarkable. Explain the unique properties that make it necessary to drive to YOUR medspa over others that might be closer.  

And last but not least, "I can't afford the service."  

Usually, when a customer cannot afford the service, you'll notice the red flags since the first contact, but even this, is something you can solve. 

First of all, make sure you are confident and transmit that confidence to your customer. Help them think about the outcome and how much they want it. A cosmetic service is so much more than just a vanity thing or a commodity, but an investment in themselves. Stating how the “high price” is insurance of quality and satisfaction is something useful and builds into the value of your service.

There will be times your patient might find difficulties to afford the treatment, but you can help them get around it. Propose monthly payments, find out financial alternatives achievable for that specific client. Reassure the importance of a smart decision putting quality over lower prices.

You get to live one of the best days of the life of each patient that chooses you over the competition. Own that honor with pride, and you'll see the results in no time! You must keep focusing on the value and the quality over the price. Maybe not all the people who walk through your door is your client, but make sure you did your best selling your brand! 

To learn more about these excuses and hear all of that Cassie had to say, listen to the full episode above or check out our video below. Find all other episodes on your favorite podcast platform! Or check out our YouTube channel to watch the videos.

Tune in every week to the MedSpa Accelerator podcast to hear some of the best marketing and sales tips and tricks to take your MedSpa to the next level. Everable is a team of specialists in love with digital marketing looking forward to helping your MedSpa thrive!! Find all other episodes on your favorite podcast platform! Or check out our YouTube channel to watch the videos.

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