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Episode 55: Top 5 Instagram 2020 Trends for your MedSpa


Maripili Menchaca


May 2, 2019

Trying to work over your branding is quite complicated when today's social media is so vast! There are so many different platforms with different ways to reach your potential customers that taking your first step might feel overwhelming and not give you optimal results. We'll give you a list of the 5 Instagram trends for 2020 that you can apply for your MedSpa to thrive! 

Before we get started, let’s go back to the basics. What was social media intended for? 

Social media was born as a tool to create connections. We are talking about building relationships between people; therefore, before designing your strategies, think about the people on the other side of the screen. 

1. Authenticity is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship!

 People are not looking for over-staged pictures with fantastic eye-catching elements, 

While you should be careful with features like lighting and staying on-brand with your business, you want to give your public something more natural, something relatable. 

Pro-tip: Keep in mind who your audience is, and while educating them about your services, you should try to show the face behind your business. Keep this memo on top of your mind: We do business with people we know we like, and we trust!

2. Video will make your message LOUDER! 

Use the digital age to your advantage! Instagram stories are synonymous with success. You wouldn't believe how many reactions those little video clips can generate for your business in a day! You don't need a perfect stage with a professional camera to create Instagram Stories! Take your cellphone and snap a slice of your daily life at your MedSpa! You can even invite your team to be part of the Instafun.

Pro tip:  Make sure you relate with your customers on a fundamental level. If your customers like what they see and what they know about you because of your branding, you can bet they'll be your best customers! Like in any other relationship, they'll be looking forward to coming back to your place and saying hi to you! 

3. Who did you say is Tik Tok?

None other but the third most downloaded app in 2019! With the slogan "Real People. Real Videos" Tik Tok steps sharp into Social Networking, allowing its users to create small videos with random music. If you have kids wandering around your house, you'd probably know something about this new platform, and you must be wondering, "Is this really something my MedSpa needs?" Well, the answer is not so simple. 

Your audience will probably be older than the generation spending time with Tik Tok. They'll most likely be working to make money to spend on themselves! They won't have time to spend with a new platform to waste time. But here's the deal: Instagram is developing “Reels”,  an app to have the exact same format which will compete directly with TikTok! If you're already working with Instagram, there is no reason to say "no" to what the market foresees as an absolute win for video content creators! 

Pro-tip: Heads up! You should know Instagram is starting to hide likes to make the dashboard more socially based instead of a marketplace. Tik Tok, on the other hand, helps out marketers & businesses based on their features. Don't rush & download Tik Tok, but you should consider it to stay tuned with what is new and coming up for this year! 

4. The new face of Instagram: Quality over quantity.

Instagram is changing its algorithm. The best time to post and how many times you post is something that will be staying in the past for now. The star for this year is QUALITY! Even if you are only available to post one or two times per week, you should go back to authenticity and the power of creating engaging video material to stay relevant in your audience’s dashboard. 

Pro-tip: Give it a shot to Microblogging! Go further than inspirational quotes and smart captions. Remember, the algorithm considers how much time a person spends in each post. If you give them something valuable to read, you'll raise your chances of keeping your visitors interested in your postings! 

5. Today, Influencers are a substantial investment. And the good news, is that anyone can be one.

We've heard about influencers for a while now, and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere. So, embrace those influencers that generate thousands -even millions- of views on Instagram and Youtube & make them a valuable asset for your marketing strategies! If you want to take one step forward and grow yourself into your own nano influencer, you just have to leverage your Instagram account to your side! 

Pro-tip: If you become a nano influencer on Instagram, use the space to share the "behind the business" face! You'll love how your human side starts bringing in leads and great quality clients to your practice! 

Become the aesthetic guru celebrity that your area needs! The first step is using your Social Media wisely! If you are into starting your Instagram journey but feel nervous about it, do not hesitate to send us a message and ask us for a helping hand! Remember, our passion is to help your MedSpa thrive, and this podcast mission is to work as a reliable tool to help you skyrocket your practice to the moon! 


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